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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SBU chapter.

Every incoming college student is always told to get involved, but sometimes due to different factors people do not in their first year.  In my third year, my only involvement was on varsity lacrosse, and while that was a huge time commitment by itself, I felt unfulfilled after being in multiple different clubs year-round in high school.  Once I was able to realize that that feeling of unfulfillment was contributing to my lowered mood, I wanted to fix it, but I was nervous since I felt it was too late in my college career to join things.  I expressed this concern to an older friend of mine, and he showed me an article he had written for the campus newspaper.  The line that resonated with me most was:

“Find something you want to do and walk into the club like you have been a member for years.”

This line has stuck with me because it has allowed me to be confident and make an impact from the minute I joined the club.  Even as an upperclassman, I didn’t feel nervous or shy to contribute to the conversations or idea flow.  From there I made a goal to join a club that would help me creatively, physically, and academically.  I joined Her Campus mid semester to be able to work on self-expression and this year I was chosen to be on the executive board as social media coordinator.  I tried out for cheer to be able to stay in shape and because I missed when I used to cheer in high school.  Finding one for the academic side was a little more difficult, so I started the chemistry club.

From joining these three clubs it definitely put more on my plate timewise, but I am able to feel like my time in college is being used to help me and others.  By joining and being an active member from the beginning, I never feel like I lost out on time in my first years.  Being in a small and close community school like Bonaventure has made it easier to connect to people you know when you join, but also gain responsibility and leadership roles within the club.  So, get involved and find things that will benefit you, but most importantly, be able to leave the club and community in a stronger position than when you joined. 

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As an honors student of St. Bonaventure University, it is my objective to pursue a career that will complement my passion for working with people, my dedication to exceeding goals, and my motivation to innovate. The industries that I hope to make a difference in are fashion, media, and business.