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It’s been rainy and cold here in Western New York. Mother nature quickly pulled a 180-degree turn and suddenly the 80-degree days and sunshine days are gone. Instead, we’re faced with 50 degrees, grey skies and rain. Here’s a breakdown of the beginning of the semester, weather-wise.

End of August

Living in a huge college dorm building on campus isn’t all that great when it comes to dealing with the temperature. In the summer, at the start of moving in, it’s so hot in the dorm. There’s no air conditioning in our building, as it was built in the 1920s and hasn’t been renovated since 1999. The best I can do to make the heat bearable is to have the windows wide open and fans blasting.

Then we enjoy the sunshine and nice weather for the first few weeks of the semester. We grasp our last glimpse of summer and wear our shorts for a little while longer until the brutal winter comes storming in.

Middle of September

I don’t even want to get started on the crazy temperature changes throughout the day. I wake up and go outside to start my day before 9 a.m., and it’s freeing out. Forty-five to fifty-degree mornings are chilly, so I need to bundle up and throw on a jacket or something. Then, by the time I’m out of work around noon, it’s warming up and the sunshine is out. I no longer need the jacket I wore. Then later on in the day, I’m heading to my 2:30 p.m. class, and the sun is scorching. I’m getting a little hot, if I walked any faster, I might actually break a sweat.

End of September

By the beginning of fall, it’s very chilly. The weather suddenly changes from sunny and 60-degree nice days to cold, grey, windy and rainy days. Thunderstorms can roll in almost out of nowhere. One second it’s sunny and the next second clouds come in and then the pouring begins. The weather apps and meteorologists can try to warn you, but they’re not always accurate.

The gloomy sky really makes my day a little dimmer. I feel way happier in the summer with the sun shining on me. I love to see and feel the sunshine. It truly brightens up my day and my mood. Grey skies, wind and rain make me feel a little sad. I really dislike being cold.

Here, we get a lot of rain. Rain jackets and boots are a college essential, I’d say. Students in the northeast really have to pack for all seasons. We need to be prepared for anything that Mother Nature is going to throw at us.

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