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I am obsessed with Ines Tazi’s fashion from Netflixs’ Perfect Match

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If you are knee-deep into the world of Netflix reality dating shows you have probably already binged all twelve episodes of Perfect Match where they put a bunch of Netflix’s reality television stars in one vacation villa to find their match. If you have not seen it you should solely watch it for Ines. In the midst of super hot, shallow, and toxic “adults” on this show she is a shining beacon of light. She is quirky, and fun, she can communicate beautifully and her fashion is on point every time.

I would describe her style as iconic Paris street style. Since she is French she does it in a very authentic way rather than being tacky. Her style is very chic with flowy dresses, fun patterns and varying necklines. You can tell she was not dressing for the male gaze and just for her own enjoyment. Her entire personality was expressed through what she wore which made her more relatable.

I found some of the outfits she wore on websites from fashion companies like Rat and Boa and Mango. These companies are rather expensive but to shop her style I think it would be so fun to thrift. Simple things like headscarves, one-piece bathing suits, jackets to layer, and long flowy dresses can be scouted out for so much cheaper. I will definitely be using her fashion as inspiration when I thrift from now on. Especially since she looked good but also looked comfortable. We all know the horrible feeling of wearing a too-tight dress or heels that you can not bear to make it through the night. It is not worth it.

Although she was modest and classy, that does not mean she did not have an edge in her looks. In every episode, she wore dark makeup: black eyeshadow and eyeliner which perfectly complemented her dark eyes and hair. In an interview, she noted that her outfit choices on the show were “revenge outfits”. She wore a pink Jacquemes jacket and smiley face earrings as an ode to her lover who left her.

She believes that fashion is “non-verbal communication and a way of playing with codes. I express myself like that, through fashion. My life is a bit like a theater scene, sometimes I want to be a lady, a businesswoman, or sexy, and that’s how I approach fashion. I like this idea of expressing how you are feeling through what you wear. It allows you to show your moods through color, texture, and style. Throughout the show, Ines was unapologetically herself, and her fashion added another dimension to who she was which I looked forward to every episode.

Kim Mitchell is a member of the SBU Her Campus chapter. This is her second year writing for the site. Kim covers advice and experience pertaining to college life and emotional well-being. She also covers popular media such as trending telivision shows and books. Kim is currently a senior at St.Bonaventure University. She is pursuing a bachelor of arts in psychology and a spanish minor with aspirations to attain a masters in clinical mental health counseling. When she is not writing you can find Kim singing in her church's worship band, outside enjoying nature, or curled up with a good book. She is always down to challenge you in a game of Mario Kart, knowing full well she will probably be in last place.