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How Khloé’s Relationship Ending can Guide Us in Our Own

By now, everyone has heard of the Jordyn Woods, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson scandal.  Jordyn Woods, getting with her best friend’s sister’s boyfriend and baby daddy.  There have been mixed reviews about who is at fault and in the wrong.  Khloe, Tristan’s now ex-girlfriend, dated Tristan, even while he had another woman pregnant with his child.  Tristan, who cheated on his pregnant girlfriend, not only with Khloe, but also on Khloe when she was pregnant with his daughter. Jordyn, Khloe’s “adopted” little sister, was best friends and lived with Khloe’s younger sister Kylie, and was a model for Khloe’s clothing brand, Good American.


Poor Kylie for having to choose between her sister and lifelong best friend. 


Though, there is one important lesson we can learn from Khloe: Never be ashamed to give someone the last chance.


Khloe has always been one of the most vocal and stubborn sisters of the Kar-Jenner clan, but we did get a chance to see her be vulnerable.  This happened when she was struggling with ex-husband, Lamar Odem.  His addiction to drugs left her alone and unsure where he was for weeks on end, but after a serious car accident she decided to try again, briefly. 


Now with Tristan, Khloe has seen severe backlash after trying to work things out after the reports of him cheating on her while she was pregnant.  Even though in the past she was seen to be harsh on cheaters and was quoted to never be able to forgive one, she did it.  Her reasoning was that she cared too much about her daughter, True, to deprive her of having a father in her life.  It has been reported since this scandal with Jordyn that Khloe is completely done with Tristan. 


Her decision to end it is obviously crushing, but she has been seen out doing appearances and looking better than ever.  This is leaving people questioning how she is doing, but this is where it is OK to be able to give someone a second chance.  Khloe is now able to say that she wasn’t unreasonable and did everything she could to keep her family together.  She is able to walk away and know that it was not her doing to break the family, but is also able to set an example for True that it is important to stand up for yourself when someone is taking advantage of your kindness. 

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