Hollywood’s Bleeding has our Hearts Bleeding

Since Post Malone’s third full album “Hollywood’s Bleeding” dropped on September 6, fans are in shock with just how real this music is. It falls in a zone where hip-hop and alternative rock collide. Our beloved superstar has taken the lead of biggest streaming week for one single album, which clearly is no surprise since we’ve all been listening any time we have the chance. “Hollywood’s Bleeding” is a progression from “Stoney” and “Beerbongs & Bentleys”; it sticks to Post’s theme of painting a picture with his music and telling a story, but may have even more heart to it than his previous albums.

We were given a taste of the album first with “Sunflower”, featuring Swae Lee. “Sunflower” is a cheery ode to loud love being compared to a sunflower’s grace. Then “Wow.” followed a few months after that, alluding to Post’s success with the same attitude from “Congratulations”.

After months of suspense, days before the full album came out, “Circles” put everyone on their toes. “Circles” is a sensitive song about a love that fell apart and is beyond the point of return, and puts us all in our feels. The album in its entirety has a range of moods, from heartbreak to joy, but overall it shows a sensitive side of Post.

Some of the inspiration for the album came from a realization that most people in LA just want to be somebody and are willing to use people to their advantage, hence why “Hollywood’s Bleeding.”

“Everyone’s gone but no one’s leaving, nobody left but us.” Everyone is tied to LA, but there are no genuine people around and no one take’s the time to form real relationships. “Enemies,” a collaboration with DaBaby speaks to both singers’ inability to make genuine friends due to their success. The edgy melody highlights their sentiments that people have become their enemies because they are jealous rather than proud of the artists success. “I’m Gonna Be” embodies the whole albums purpose, living to become your best self and being who you want to be. “I’m gonna be what I want, what I want, what I want, yeah.” People will say things about your life no matter what, but this songs spirited and soulful vibe is a call to do what you want anyways.

Post Malone chose people to be on his album in an interesting way. He saw it having nothing to do with business and did not want whoever was making the top charts to be featured just so he could do the same. He wanted people who would be able to relate to the messages behind his songs and were able to create energy with him. This album was about taking a step to tell his true story and making relatable music showing how life is unpredictable and has its ups and downs. The way he shared his story in a passionate, truthful way made this album what it is and allowed us to connect with where they fit in our lives.