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As Barbie took over the theaters, society was captivated. I mean everyone was talking about it, whether personally liked or disliked, everyone had something to say. This film, which everyone presumed to be a light-heart comedy, left many in tears.

‘Girlhood’ was being seen in a new light. The struggles of being a woman and the all-time highs. Gloria, the mother depicted in the movie, shared a riveting monologue leaving many with emotions surrounding being a woman. She goes on to share what society expects from us and how even when we meet the expectations they are contradicted. This hit home for many as we have been personal victims of these expectations. Rather than sitting in sorrow we can rise and form a new definition of ‘girlhood’.

Director Greta Gerwig’s choices throughout the film left women of all ages falling in love with being a woman again. In one scene specifically, where Barbie is asked to “Take my hand, now feel” she is immersed in what girlhood truly is.

This scene made me and many others emotional, as we reminisced and glamorized our own experiences of girlhood along with her. Shortly after the movie premiered, ‘Girlhood’ became a trend on TikTok. Many share the little aspects of life of being a woman whom they love.

This movie has many embracing femininity, realizing how glamorous it is to be a woman despite all the crap we go through day to day. Sometimes being a girl is really fun, sometimes it is really difficult. I will forever glamorize being a woman, girlhood is to embraced.

Little things about girlhood that I will forever glamorize:

Helping one another straighten/curl their hair
Getting an iced coffee after having a long day
Giving life advice to strangers in the bathroom
Women’s friendships and relationships
Girl talk
Celebrating every milestone, no matter how big
Getting ready together in a group, countertops covered in makeup
The ‘everything’ shower
Shaved legs and comfy blankets
Going through each other’s closet
The love for Taylor Swift
Kicking off heels as soon as you get in the house
Forming a train while traveling in a large crowd
The happiness of getting your eyeliner even on the first try
Lipstick stains on the rim of a coffee cup
Having sleepovers at any age
Pink apparel flocking into theaters the opening weekend of Barbie
Scream singing together
Making friendship bracelets
The mother/daughter bond

Cassidy is a social media executive for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. She loves to use her creative outlet to advance her university's chapter. She has been writing for Her Campus for three years. Cassidy is a third-year student studying psychology with a minor in women's studies. Beyond Her Campus, she is involved in other extracurriculars such as L.I.F.T., Active Minds, and volunteering in the food pantry. She is the president of SBU for Equality. You may find her working in the admissions building as a student ambassador. She is an avid Pinterest user and will bring up how it is the best social media to exist. Her love for music keeps her going, nothing Taylor Swift can't help her with.