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I am sure that many of you reading this are also going through a weird stage in your life. A stage of new independence. It might be more of a melancholy feeling than a sad one. A feeling that you have never really been able to pinpoint before because you have never felt it. But now you can.  

This feeling you could not pinpoint is something that’s been recently happening in your life. In this new chapter, there is only one denominator. You are getting older. You realize this now as your college years progress and things begin to get more serious. What was once the fun freshman semesters filled with classes, that did not have to be taken so seriously, are long gone. The general education classes are nowhere to be seen in your busy busy schedule.

Sorry, to all those freshmen reading this. Please cherish those classes regardless of how boring they are.

However, freshmen can feel this too. College is supposed to be an ever changing period of your life. Just being at college conveys growth, which implies getting older.

This feeling of getting older is new and scary. Maybe it is just me, but in my teen years, this is all I dreamed of. Now I would give a lot to take a couple of things off of my plate.

It is exciting to be able to say that you are getting older. It can also be scary. No matter how hard the day is; I love my independence.

There is independence to wear what you like, eat what you like, buy what you like, and so on. It is freeing.

All of this independence is so freeing, but it is also the biggest life lesson I’m sure many of us have learned yet. These are unique actions now. Not someone else’s.

Independence is only one of the many new perks that come with getting older. But it might have the best effect and life lessons. Maybe the next time that you are reminded that you are getting older, you can think about what independence you already have! Reflect on how far you have come from the restrictions that used to hold you back in your younger years. The restrictions would not have left if you did not grow older.

Independence is the perfect reminder that getting older is acceptable.

Sophomore at Saint Bonaventure University! #gobonas :)
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