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Getting Buzzed With Sean Lynch

Her Campus: “Why did you first join The Buzz?” 

Sean Lynch: “My group of friends really pushed me to join The Buzz freshman year. I didn’t really know what the first thing I wanted to do as a JMC club at school freshman year and they really helped push me in the right direction. I went to the general interest meeting with some friends and we got a radio show and that was our first real experience with the station.” 

HC: “What’s your favorite memory as a staffer?” 

SL: “I loved my first station lock-in as a staffer. Coming in I did not know what to expect from the event, but it was a night full of fun and bonding with the board of directors and staffers. It was great to have other friends there that had shows that were really late because you could see who could stay up the longest and do a radio show. I ended up oversleeping and missing my only class that day, but I had so much fun that it didn’t even matter.” 

HC: “As a board member?” 

SL: “I always enjoyed watching my staffers discover new music. Whenever we would give out CDs or digital copies of music at Wednesday meetings, it is always great to see the reaction of a person when they find something that they really love or found cool. The ability to be able to share great music with others has truly been one of my favorite things about being assistant music director.” 

HC: “What will your duties be as the new station manager?” 

SL: “There are many different duties that go into being the station manager. In a broad sense, I will oversee the day-to-day operation of the station. Some of the things I will control include the allocation of the budget, enforcement of FCC regulations and station policies. And I will be in charge of conducting and presiding over WSBU board meetings.” 

HC: “What’s the most exciting about being a newly elected leader for the station?” 

SL: “I think it is the opportunity to be a part of something great and have a say in the direction in which the future of the station goes. It is also the chance to get out there and get to work and lead an exceptional group of people in a place that I love. I am honored to be in the position that I am in and am excited to get to work.” 

HC: “Obviously you’re into music. Can you share your favorite track of all time? What makes it so great?” 

SL: “’Your Hand In Mine’ by Explosions in the Sky has to be one of my favorites in terms of tracks. It is a completely instrumental rock track, but the meaning is conveyed through the guitars. It is sad and uplifting all at once and turns into a beautiful product through the combination of both emotions. This track is one of few where I’ll still get goose bumps on my neck from listening to it because of the raw power it delivers.” 

HC: “Favorite album and why?” 

SL: “’Revolver’ by The Beatles. This was an album that brought me to a whole bunch of different genres of music that I had never encountered before. The experimentation on the album was nothing like anything I’ve heard before. The album was one that brought me to genres like jazz and let me explore the possibilities and sounds of other genres.” 

HC: “Can you let us in on any ongoing plans for the new station location?” 

SL: “I can let you in on the fact that it is probably going to be downstairs in the Reilly Center. The actual location isn’t settled upon yet because it is so early in the process that it’s hard to tell everything that is going to happen, but it is an exciting process and an awesome opportunity to be able to help usher in a new radio station location.” 

HC: “What sets The Buzz apart from every other club on campus? 

SL: “It is the family aspect of it. You can relate to others that have worked at the Buzz. I think it is amazing when I’m talking to someone from another major and they tell me that they have a radio show or participate or are part of a staff in one of the departments. It really is great because it shows that the Buzz is not just strictly JMC and is welcoming to other majors who would like a creative outlet.” 

HC: “So why should someone join The Buzz?” 

SL: “It is a formative experience, and I can attest to that. You are able to further your skills in a professional setting while still having fun. The ability to DJ your freshman year is great because you’re able to step right in and some universities don’t even offer that. You will meet some of your best friends here and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience, The Buzz is a place that will offer all of that and then some.”

Freshman journalism and mass communication major at St. Bonaventure University
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