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I would say my friends and I have pretty unconventional ways of having fun when it comes to what college students normally do. We all are not really the type of people to stay out all night, so after two years here at school, we have found a few other ways we can spend time together and still have fun. Here are some of my favorite games to play with my friends. 

Oh, by the way: most of these things come from my friend Kim who loves to gatekeep, so don’t tell her I am spilling all her best secrets. 


We have probably played over 100 games of Uno since freshman year and still, we never get tired of it. The reason for this is we play a variation of the card game we call Spicy Uno. This features new rules depending on the number card that is laid down. For 0, you can switch hands with someone else. When a 6 is played everyone has to slap the table. The last person to do so has to draw two cards. If a 7 is played no one can speak until another 7 is put down (Warning: this can sometimes be a lot longer than you may think). There are a few other rules that get a little confusing such as bargaining and stacking but honestly, just make up any rules you want when you play. It can make the game last a lot longer and be a lot more fun. 


This is a really new one in the friend group but we have quickly become obsessed. Bananagrams is fun because not only does it require luck but also skill. Everyone must make intersecting words out of all the letters they are given. When someone uses up all their letters, they are the winner. It’s also fun to see all the silly words other players have made by the end of the game. 

Nintendo Switch

There are so many games we frequently play on my Switch. These include MarioKart, MarioParty, Nintendo Switch Sports, and, the most recent addition, Gang Beasts. All the others are pretty self-explanatory, but Gang Beasts allows you to play as these goofy little characters who fight each other. To win, you have to kill everyone else by throwing them off of buildings, into water, incinerators, feed them to sharks, and all kinds of crazy things. To me, the best part of this game is that I can just spam the buttons. There is genuinely no strategy. 

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