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The time of the year is here again, celebration after celebration. Regardless of the yearly traditions, you’ve most likely heard of “Friendsgiving.” Thanksgiving has been a national holiday since 1789, historically celebrating the harvest and other blessings of the past year. Every November, friends, and family gather to share dishes and eat together. This day has changed to revolve around football and getting prepared for Black Friday. Though this day still remains a special tradition, there is a new annual Thanksgiving. 

There’s no date on the calendar for Friendsgiving. Generally, it’s held the Wednesday before or after Thanksgiving. The date is completely up to the group of friends or even family members. The traditional responsibilities around Thanksgiving aren’t always followed for Friendsgiving. This holiday is now celebrated annually by many people and has gained more and more popularity over the recent years. The new traditions are filled with fun and laughter with the individuals you choose to be around. The awkward aunt that talks about politics after too much to drink will no longer be sitting next to you at the dinner table.  

Some believe Friendsgiving isn’t formal enough, and that’s why it’s not a traditional holiday. The attire can be dressy or sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Friendsgiving can be whatever you make of it. The typical turkey dinner with gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and stuffing is also optional. Like Thanksgiving, everyone participates in bringing a dish, rather it be for the meal, the dessert later, or a beverage. 

This celebration shows the acceptance of friends to be your family. It can be an addition to Thanksgiving rather than a substitution. Holidays are meant to create unique traditions between those who are important in your life. Friendsgiving lets the busy holiday unwind and focuses on what’s truly important: Connections with friends.  

Usually, you sometimes must travel far for Thanksgiving. Not always for Friendsgiving. That’s another purpose of this “holiday,” being able to be with loved ones that are too far away. There also isn’t the pressure of the regular holiday, like a set eating time that creates stress. Holiday times are already stressful enough.  

Here are some tips for hosting or attending the best Friendsgiving: 

  • Remember, you choose who attends! It’s a great opportunity to create stronger relationships! 
  • Be prepared with the basics, utensils, plates, napkins, cups, chairs, and most importantly, a good playlist. 
  • Assign a general category of dishes! Make it predictable or unpredictable. There’s no need to stick to the general guidelines of a Thanksgiving dinner. Don’t forget to communicate! 
  • Have a time of reflection. Have everyone share or write down whom or what they’re most thankful for. You can even make a game out of it! 

Don’t forget to enjoy yourself! 

Friendsgiving is a great way to keep spreading the holiday love and express our gratitude to our loved ones. 



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