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Going into the 2019-2020 Bonnies basketball season, the overall feeling is different. Not only is it the 100th season, but we are predicted to go further than ever before, both in the A10s and the NCAA. Here are two accounts of the opener from two first-year Bona cheerleaders:

Maddy (First-year Bona Cheerleader, Senior)

Switching sports my senior year to be a cheerleader has been a very different experience for me. To go from being a fan to being a part of the game day production has been a big switch. Being in the stands, I never realized all of the small details that cheerleaders contribute to the overall game experience. Stepping onto the court for first time in front of hundreds of people, I surprisingly never felt more confident and comfortable. To be able to be back cheering after years would be a very overwhelming experience if I did not have the support of such a strong team or coach. Going into my first game day I was told it is like a TV show, and I did not realize how true it is until I was in it. To have all the cameras flashing and people cheering at you, while watching my favorite basketball team in the A10 play is an experience I will never be able to replicate.

Kristyn (First-year Bona Cheerleader, Freshman)

I began cheerleading when I was in seventh grade. I come from a small town so the biggest crowd I have cheered in front of was the people I have known my whole life. I knew cheering for college would be different but the moment I stepped onto the court, I was in awe. The energy in the RC was indescribable. As I was standing on the court, I was taking in every second of the moment. I knew that I would never get a first experience like this ever again. The cheering and yelling of the Bona fans shook and vibrated the gymnasium. Although there were a lot more people and the game was being televised, I was still doing what I loved. Cheering for college may be a lot different than high school but it made me realize that going out of your comfort zone can be a good thing. I am so lucky to be able to continue to do what I love with such amazing and supportive people around me.

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