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Fall is finally here and I am ecstatic! I have loved fall for so long because of everything that accompanies it. Being at college not far from my hometown means that I still get to enjoy some of my favorite parts of fall, but I do miss certain parts about fall with my family. Since I love fall so much, I wanted to share what makes this autumnal time so perfect in my mind.

Candles (omg how I miss my favorite pumpkin apple candle from Bath and Body Works)

I am a huge fan of candles and one of the few things I don’t like about living on campus is that I can’t have candles in my room. My all-time favorite is Pumpkin Apple from Bath and Body Works because it’s sweet, but it also has a little bit of spicy pumpkin in it.

The Pillsbury cookies with the ghosts and pumpkins

Growing up, whenever the Halloween cookies came out, I’d beg my parents for the Pillsbury ones with the ghosts or the pumpkins. Even now, there’s something nostalgic about these easy-bake cookies.

Pumpkin Spice Everything

When I tell you that I love pumpkin spice, I am not kidding. ‘PSL’s’ come out at Starbucks right around my birthday and I ALWAYS use my free birthday reward on a pumpkin drink!

Pumpkin Pie (yum!)

For years, I was quite the pumpkin pie hater, and then a couple of years ago, I discovered the magic of pumpkin pie. Not only does it have one of my favorite flavors (pumpkin), but you can also add whipped cream to it and it is just delightful!

Wearing crewnecks

Fall means that I can wear crewnecks to represent my school and interests. It also means that I can start my day off by being cozy. What’s not to love about crewnecks?

Listening to ‘All Too Well’ as I walk to class

Taylor Swift is a queen for every season, but there are definitely songs that give fall vibes, this being one of them. All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) is always playing through my AirPods whenever I’m alone. The song is relatively slow, but it sets a perfect fall mood.

Wearing jeans and leggings

As a fall lover, jeans are one of my favorite things in my closet, with leggings being a close second. Whenever I wear jeans during fall, I imagine myself going to a pumpkin patch as a little kid and jumping in leaf piles.

Reading and being all cozy

Summer is always busy for me, so I never have much time to dedicate to reading. Fall is the perfect time for this. Not only can I be cozy as I read, but I can also pick to sit indoors or outdoors. My favorite place to read so far has been outside on the benches. Drinking hot chai lattes also helps to set this cozy mood.

Watching the leaves when I’m driving

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to look out the windows of the car and observe everything around me. It always fascinated me how different places in NY had different shades of reds, oranges, and yellows. Now that I can drive myself, I often take time at stop lights to look at the life happening around me.


Getting to take a pumpkin home from a farmer’s stand always meant that my parents were ready to celebrate fall and Halloween. It also meant that I was allowed to buy mini pumpkins to decorate my bedroom with.

Mayer Bros Apple Cider

Drinking apple cider and eating donuts fills me with so much joy. It’s a tradition that I wait for every fall. While apple cider is available in stores all year long, I hold back from it until fall approaches. Mayer Bros has always been a favorite of mine.

In-season apples

In my hometown, we could always drive down the road to get farm fresh apples. No matter if we used them for apple pie, snacking or apple crisp, they have always been a staple in my household.

Football after church

Being a Bills fan means that I really get into football games. While it’s not the highest technology, one of my absolute favorite parts of Sunday mornings was listening to the radio after church for the broadcast of the Bills game while my family and I did running around. Sitting in the car cheering for the Bills is something that just makes me feel so grateful for the life I have where I can just sit back and be a part of Buffalo culture.

Sweet treats like cinnamon rolls

Cinnamon rolls were always a treat at my grandma’s house for holidays. Eating those sweet pastries and drinking a hot cup of tea with my family is one of the best things in the world.

Breathing in the crisp fall air

I don’t think there’s much more to say than this, except that crisp cool air is superior to muggy summer air.

Family Halloween party at my friend’s aunt and uncle’s house where we’d play games and wear costumes

Throughout all of school, my friend’s family had a family Halloween party open to both parents and kids. The barn that it was held in always smelled like pumpkin candles and fall leaves, and each time, I knew that I was in for a good time as soon as I smelled these delicious scents.

Coming up with ideas for Halloween costumes (but not really executing them)

I love creative Halloween costumes, but I never seem to make most of them happen. I have a full Pinterest board of ideas, but I usually just do one simple DIY costume.

Going on Pinterest every day to find new inspiration for fall outfits and to get myself into the fall mood

My down time is almost always spent on Pinterest searching for outfit inspiration and watching morning routine videos to get myself into the fall spirit. I also have a whole board dedicated to my love for fall.

Thanksgiving Season!

Fall and Thanksgiving go hand in hand. I love Thanksgiving because of all of the foods it brings, and fall reminds me that Thanksgiving is not far away.

Alexis Serio is a new writer for Her Campus at St. Bonaventure University. She plans to write pieces surrounding topics of feminism, entertainment, and campus life. Alexis is a freshman studying Communication, Social Justice, and Advocacy. Beyond Her Campus, Alexis spends her time studying with friends and getting involved in the many clubs SBU has to offer. In her free time, you can find Alexis reading, watching Modern Family, or making her friends laugh when it's "Alexis Time". She is also a lover of almost any type of music, as long as she can sing along with it.