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I am taking a trip down to Orlando, Florida next week and I cannot wait. My dad and step-mom are taking me, my best friend, my boyfriend and my sister for 6 days.

What makes me even more excited is that we are staying in a Harry Potter-themed Airbnb. The house is complete with a cupboard under the stairs, floating books and a full movie room to watch all the movies.

The main reason we are going, however, is to spend 3 perfect days down in Disney World.

I am obsessed with Disney. I have been multiple times and it still hasn’t lost its magic. Sure, I may be a legal adult but I don’t quite classify myself as a “Disney adult”… yet.

Even though I’ve been to Disney before, I still can’t help but be anxious to experience everything that I can fit into the 36 hours that I will be spending in the parks. Here is my to-do list for my time at Disney World.

  • Find Jellycats

I have seen it posted on social media that Jellycats are being sold on Disney property (Jellycats are cute, overpriced stuffed animals that I am collecting). I don’t care if I have to search every corner of every park, I will find them and I will buy one.

  • Avatar World and Rides

The Avatar series is one of my favorite movies and Disney was able to capture the environment so well in person. I can’t wait to see all the bright colors and cool architecture again. Plus the rides are both really fun (high praise coming from me who doesn’t like rides)

  • FOOD!

Ok, I know this is vague but there is just too much to write out. I know that my sister and I will be buying upwards of 10 churros while we’re there. I want to get the fajitas in Magic Kingdom again. Epcot will be hosting the Flower and Garden Festival while we’re there and will have plenty of new options to try. There is just so much that I want to try that I could spend hours thinking of it.

  • Experience All the Shows

As someone who doesn’t like rides, the shows and other entertainment that Disney has is one of the things that make me want to keep coming back. Sitting in the refreshing air-conditioned auditorium and giggling to the Frozen Sing-Along with my sister is one of the most fun things I’ve ever experienced. Watching a live-play version of Beauty and the Beast is a non-skippable item on my to-do list every time I go. Each time, I find a new show to enjoy.

  • Have Fun and Take a Deep Breath

One thing about these big vacations is that I will get so overwhelmed that I will end up being miserable and anxious the whole time. I am not a “chill” person and often feel as if I have to run the show. This time, however, I am going to rebel against my instincts and remain calm and happy. I am going to keep reminding myself to stay grounded in the moment and just relax. My ultimate goal for the whole trip is to fully enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime vacation with all my favorite people.

Abigail Taber is a first-year writer for the St. Bonaventure chapter of Her Campus. She enjoys writing about culture, entertainment, and the happenings in her college life. Abigail is really excited to be a part of such a cool organization that centers around the work and interests of women. She hopes to continue writing for Her Campus and become more involved in the editing and publishing side of things in the future. Beyond Her Campus, Abigail is the poetry editor for the literary magazine on campus, The Laurel, volunteers for the campus food pantry, and can be found in the library most hours of the day. Abigail has had her creative writing published in her high school's literary magazine, The Wisp, and wrote for the school's newspaper, Out of the Blue, all four years. She is currently a freshman at St. Bonaventure University, double majoring in English as well as Literary Publishing and Editing. In her free time, Abigail, or Abbey to her friends, enjoys reading, listening to music, and looking at art for her next tattoo. She is a music trivia master and a known enjoyer of any, and all, romance books. She hopes to pursue a career in publishing books in a big city. Growing up in a small suburb of Buffalo, New York, Abbey wishes to go somewhere that no one knows her name, or her mom's.