Coming Soon to a YouTube Channel Near You

Over the last week or so, Clare and I have been working to create a new experience for the Her Campus chapter here at St. Bonaventure: a YouTube channel! We’ve put a lot of thought into what we could bring to the table, and we think that we could put out some pretty great material. After doing some careful research, and by careful I mean watching BuzzFeed videos on an endless loop, we have come up with topics to talk about, ideas to film and much more. We are very excited for this opportunity that Her Campus has given us to really showcase all that Bonaventure has to offer, and who knows, you might even learn a tip or two!

As freshmen, Clare and I feel that we are looking through fresh eyes and really putting forth our best effort into making this YouTube channel the best that it can be. We’re sort of new to campus, so everything here is like a new experience. So far, we’ve learned so much and have made so many great memories. We hope to bring that to you in a series of YouTube videos. Among a list of ideas we’ve come up with are makeup tutorials, look books, chitchats and even campus celebrities and cuties, on video! We think that we can create videos that everyone will enjoy, whether they are funny videos or informative. We can’t wait to get started will the channel, and we can’t wait to start putting out videos for you guys! It’s our hope that you enjoy them as much as we will enjoy making them. 


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