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A Bittersweet Ending to a Remarkable Season

It’s crazy to think that a university of only 1,700 undergraduate students in a small town in Olean, NY and the impact the St. Bonaventure men’s basketball has made on the community, students, faculty, and staff. The team had an incredible season with a 26-8 record. The Bonnies played four games in seven days: the first two being in Washington D.C for the Atlantic 10 Tournament, Dayton, OH for the First Four Round and last in Dallas for the first round of the NCAA tournament.

 The season ended after a loss to the Florida Gators in round one of the NCAA tournament. The Bonnies set a school record for wins after their incredible win against the UCLA Bruins a few nights ago before their game against the Gators. It was their first NCAA tournament win since the 1969-70s season with Bob Lanier. The team ended their season winning 14 of their last 15 games played. The Bonnies were exhausted and out-played by the Florida Gators. The game was close for the first 20 minutes, but the Gators pulled away in the second half. The Bonnies dynamic duo of Jaylen Adams and Matt Mobley only combined for a total of 21 points for the game. Both Adams and Mobley went 5 for 17 from the field, including going 1 for 12 from three-point range. Adams also got three early fouls in the first half of the game, and the only ability he had was to get to the free throw line. The Bonnies had hope for the second half being down 27-22 at the half, but four quick turnovers led to a slump. Senior guard Idris Taquee played his best performance getting 13 rebounds, which was the most between the two teams. This will be a very hard loss for the Bonnies to sink in, but they need to remember all that they accomplished this season. The Bonnies set a school record and had a historic season.

Junior Forward Courtney Stockard made a huge impact for the Bonnies this season. He became the go-to man in the Atlantic 10 Tournament and the First Four matchup. Stockard led the Bonnies to victories against Richmond and UCLA. If it weren’t for Stockard, the victories would not have happened. He really stepped up and I cannot wait to see the impact he makes next year.

The St. Bonaventure University community came together for all of the games after the regular season. Being a Bonnie, it was so exciting to watch with all my friends. The Bonaventure community is very special, especially the alumni. The alumni raised $50k for the students to attend the game in Dayton, OH. The alumni also bought all the food for the students on campus that were available at the Rathskeller. It was a great way for the student body to come together and cheer on their team. It was so cool to be able to hear the Bonnies fans over the announcers on the television.

Overall, this season is one I will never forget and I am forever grateful to be a freshman at St. Bonaventure University. I was so lucky to see such a historic season and see the best rated duo in the nation, Adams and Mobley. I am very excited for next year’s basketball season and to see the news changes in the team. Once a Bonnie, always a Bonnie.

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