Big Brother Featuring Dan Gheesling


Recently, I was able to ask one of the all-time greatest Big Brother players, Big Brother 10 winner and Big Brother 14 coach-turned-runner-up Dan Gheesling, his opinions on the recently-wrapped Big Brother 17. Here’s what Dan had to say!

Her Campus: In your eyes, especially as someone who lost in the finals for traits apparent in Vanessa's game, did you think Vanessa [Rousso, 3rd Place, BB17] would definitely have won if she was in the Final Two given that she angered the jurors in the process with her reckless strategy of over-playing?”

Dan Gheesling: “I think she probably stood a great chance to win had she been sitting there. Unfortunately, the game’s very fickle and to get to those final two seats is not always the easiest thing.”

HC: “Do you support James [Huling, 8th Place, BB17] as America's Favorite Player, or do you feel someone else better fits that title?”

DG: “I think whoever wins that title is best fitting because that’s what America votes on.”

HC: “Steve [Moses, Winner, BB17] has been compared to Ian Terry [Winner, BB14] since he walked through the door. You got to play with Ian for 75 days and were able to watch Steve on the Live Feeds for 98. Both ended up winning. How do you feel they stack up compared to each other?”

DG: “I think they played very different games. I always feel like Ian kind of grew socially throughout the process and I’m not sure Steve did as much. I felt like Steve probably had a better social understanding, ironically at the beginning – and maybe not social, maybe strategic is what I’m trying to say in terms of the pieces moving around, that sort of thing.”

HC: “Which of this season's cast members do you see being potential returnees in the future?”

DG: “I could see someone like Vanessa, I could see someone like Becky [Burgess, 9th Place BB17], I could see someone like Johnny Mac [McGuire, 4th Place, BB17]; I could see someone like James coming back. Those would probably be the four just off the top of my head.”

HC: “What is your overall opinion on this season's twists (Battle of the Block, Twin Twist, BB Takeover) and your opinion on how they actually played out?”

DG: “My opinion is I feel like the game is best played with very little twists because that’s when you get to see the very highest level of gameplay in my opinion, because you don’t see people bracing for a twist or bracing for a shift in the game. They’re able to plan things out weeks down the line, which I think makes for a much more exciting season – when you can see a lot more blindsides and a lot more things of that nature.”


Thanks to Dan for taking time out of his busy schedule to talk to answer some questions for us! To any Big Brother fans out there, if you’re looking to apply to Big Brother 18, make sure to read Dan’s book How to Get on Reality TV: How a Normal Guy Got Cast on Reality TV. Here’s hoping some Her Campus readers make it on next year!

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