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As long as I can remember I have always been a “bev. girly”. I always wanted a little drink at such random times of the day to keep me going. It started with lemonade in my childhood and now has turned into coffee or energy drinks. It may sound stupid, but sipping on a drink can take my day from bad to good because at least if my day is falling apart I still will have that mid-day pick me up. For this article, I will be ranking my top 5 drinks that I would choose if I need a drink to put me in a better mood.

1. Poppi: any flavor

I have just hopped on the Poppi bandwagon and my life has been forever changed. I have never been much of a soda or sparkling water fan because I hate the carbonation of them. It makes me sick to my stomach, but Poppi has such a good in-between where it is not too bubbly. The first flavor I tried was the Strawberry Lemonade which is such an unreal flavor. In the past, I have struggled with my stomach hurting after drinking a soda-like beverage except this does not happen with Poppi. Poppi surprisingly will settle my stomach if I am having a stomach ache. I am so happy I found this drink and it tastes amazing.

2. Pink drink from Starbucks

This has been a staple of mine since the summer of 2016. This was the first time I ever had a pink drink and I have been hooked since. There is just something so good about the taste of it. It tastes almost like a very smooth strawberry drink that is not too sweet. As coffee tends to make my stomach hurt I always love a good refresher. I do not always get this drink but on a hot spring or summer day, this really will hit the spot. However, normally I am a sipper but with a refresher, I turn into a chugger so fast.

3. Loaded tea: any flavor

I have already written a full article just about Loaded Teas so you probably already know my thoughts about this. It is so so incredible I have nothing but good words to say about these drinks. I am drinking one right now as I write this and the taste is unreal. I was thinking about this recently and my perfect day would be having the ability to try every single loaded tea flavor available. If you have never had one you need to try one ASAP it will get you through a long library session as it has for me many times.

4. Sugar-Free Red Bull

There is such a bad rep around energy drinks but let’s be honest all of us drink them. If you are cramming for a test the night before or writing a last-minute paper you might need some quick energy and this is a great option. I am personally a big fan of the sugar-free Red Bull because I think it tastes better and the sugar in normal Red Bull really messes with my stomach. I do not drink these that often but if it is my last option out of all the other 4 of these drinks it does the job.

5. Iced white mocha

I will forever be a coffee girl at heart and have been for years. I try not to drink coffee all the time but I do drink it about every other day of the week. My go-to drink is an iced white mocha because there is something so good about blonde espresso with white chocolate syrup that I find so amazing. This is a typical coffee I will make before my 9:30 class that will get me going for the day. When I need a coffee this is probably the best option for me.

Hello I am Gabrielle Martin, Gabby for short. I am a freshman writer at St. Bonaventure University chapter of Her Campus. I plan on writing about different topics like breakups, dating, personal care, and relationships (the good ones and the challenging ones). Outside of Her Campus I am an Adolescent Education major with a history concentration. I am also a part of four other clubs on campus most that deal with the education part of my major where I take care of kids after school from the community. This is my first year on Her Campus and I cannot wait to embark on this journey of writing influential articles. I am from Caledonia, New York which is about 30 minutes outside of Rochester. In my free time I love to spend time with my friends going out to eat or going on walks. I love reality tv shows and I also love cheesy romantic comedies. My favorite food is bagels and I drink a coffee every single morning when I wake up. My main goal in life is to have an imprint on someones life or have an influence on the choices they make in life. I try to make the mistakes so others do not have to repeat my poor choices.