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Another semester, another dance team show has come and gone. This semester, our dance team has grown so close and put on maybe my favorite show I have ever had the privilege to be a part of, Another Bonaventure Story.

Though I will forever be so excited to put on our semesterly show, this show’s ending marks another chapter in my Bonaventure story coming to a close. Some of the most influential people that have entered my life have entered through the dance team. Some of them are leaving, and some of them are going to be in the Butler basement in September. Talk about bittersweet.

I know I write articles about this frequently, but this is really a love letter to the SBU Dance Team and those whom I will forever cherish my memories with.

From the first day of the spring semester this year, I knew this show was going to be so special. It’s never about what the show is based after or if I nail that pirouette.

It’s about clapping and saying “GA-GA” every time we start practice for musical theater because we danced to “Applause”.

It’s about playing rock, paper, scissors when I’m just supposed to be an extra in the back of a scene before one of my dances.

It’s about going through hip-hop one more time when the only task we have to focus on is having the most fun we can one last time as a team.

It’s about every member of the team subconsciously remembering and reciting the songs in the show and even lines (especially if they include opposable thumbs, bacon in braces or the four songs on the playlist).

Sometimes, it’s even about a rap that comes on over the PA system… is it kinda funky or is that just me?

All of the “its” are about the people and the community that we have had the privilege to be an active participant in building and flourishing in.

On the last day of the show, the show was over and people were starting to disperse off the Quick Center stage when I caught the eyes of the seniors who have been there since the first day of my freshman year.

I caught the eyes of my roommates who have become my very best friends.

Each of these people has changed my life in such profound ways that I will never be able to thank them for…

But I’ll try my best right now…

Thank you for letting me have a constant dance safety net from day one and for maybe liking Clarence as much as I do.

Thank you for giving me someone to always take my backseat and watch Survivor with every single night.

Thank you for being there whether it’s in the seat next to me in class, at Shea’s or watching old dance shows on our couch.

Thank you for being the funniest people I know.

Thank you for being the SBU Dance Team.

Thank you, for everything. I love you all.

Leah McElheny is a new Her Campus at SBU chapter member who plans to write about literature, movies, TV shows, and most things pop culture. Outside of Her Campus, Leah is a junior at St. Bonaventure University and is currently double majoring in Adolescent Education with an English concentration and English. She has worked with multiple school districts in the area tutoring and substitute teaching for middle school and elementary school. She currently works for the university as a writing tutor and a peer coach to a group of freshmen. In her free time, Leah enjoys dancing for the SBU dance team, reading, and watching movies. Her favorite books are "The Similars" and "The Pretenders", both by Rebecca Hanover. Her biggest personality trait is loving Harry Potter and she prides herself on being incredibly mediocre at all forms of trivia, other than Harry Potter trivia of course.