Andrew Hayn: Barstool Bonas Internship Experience

Andrew Hayn


Subject: Barstool Bonas Internship Experience


Hometown: Downingtown, PA


Year: Junior


Major: Journalism & Mass Communication

Her Campus: “So tell us a little bit about yourself, what do you do outside of class?”

Andrew Hayn: If I'm being honest, I'm a huge couch potato. I'm on the club hockey team, as well as the opinions editor for the BV and a bar back at the Burton, but really those are the only times I'm active. Outside of class, activities and going out on weekends, you can catch me on the couch in my townhouse 99 percent of the time. My roommates are great guys so there's never a dull moment.”


HC: “What inspires you?”

AH: “My family, without a doubt. My entire family is very close, and top-to-bottom everyone hopes for nothing but the best for each other. My dad is probably my biggest inspiration, though. He's a very motivational guy, so whenever I need a good energy boost, I just think of one of his quotes he's given me in the past.”


HC: “If the news story was your life, what would be the headline?”

AH: "College student thinks school is better without the learning aspect"


HC: “If your life was a movie, who would you like to play the lead role?”

AH: “I actually took a Buzzfeed quiz on this a couple weeks ago and got Jason Statham, which would be so dope. I'd also love to see Jake Gyllenhaal or Matthew McConaughey playing me.”


HC: “I understand you’re working with Barstool now! That sounds like a blast.

How did that happen?”

AH: “It's a dream currently unfolding for me; I've wanted to work for Barstool since senior year of high school. Over Christmas break, I realized Bonaventure doesn't have an official Barstool account, so I messaged a couple Barstool employees on Twitter asking how to apply. They told me to email my resume and why I thought I should run the account. Within two days, my supervisor told me to set up a Twitter and Instagram.”


HC: “Is the experience what you expected it to be?”

AH: “It's much more than what I expected. My supervisor used to be in my position for his school a few years ago, so he helps us out a lot. All of the "Viceroys" who run the college accounts send each other videos to help all the accounts out. It's like playing for a big team with 150+ members on it. The account has gained a big following early, especially for the size of Bona's, so it's been an amazing experience so far.”


HC: “How many hours a week do you dedicate to the accounts?”

AH: “It's hard to put a number on it since I'm constantly checking the accounts throughout the day. Daily, I try to post 4-6 times on Twitter and 3-5 times on Instagram, and those numbers go up for basketball games, big weekends, etc. I'm always checking to see if followers sent any post-worthy content in, so it's a big commitment.”



HC: “What seems to be the most challenging part?”

AH: “Honestly, the hardest part is convincing people that this is a job I'm doing. Many people think I'm just on social media, being an asshole and posting embarrassing videos of people. Although I do think the videos are hilarious, that's only half the reason I post them. The other half is because I have a job to do, and I'm just trying my best to do it.”


HC: “What’s your favorite part?”

AH: “My favorite part about running the page is just watching it grow. My main goal for this account was to show the greatness of St. Bonaventure to millions of Barstool followers, and the first month has been extremely successful. I hope to keep watching it grow and gain recognition.”


HC: “I understand you’re from Philadelphia, how does it feel to be Super Bowl champs?!”

AH: “I still can't believe it. The story of the Eagles' season is the perfect Philadelphia underdog story, and I don't think anyone wanted it any other way. It felt a thousand times better that they beat the Patriots, too. The game and parade were both amazing, and hopefully it's the first of many.”


HC: “What do you see in Barstool Bonas’ future?”

AH: “This account is still growing rapidly thanks to the content sent from students. If things keep going well, more people from Bonaventure will be brought onto the Barstool team. I also see a huge increase in events starting next school year.”


HC: “Anything cool coming up we should know about?”

AH: “We're actively looking for a solution to the Spring Weekend quad party, as well as some more events in the near future. Off-campus events always pop off after Spring Break, so there will definitely be an increase in content coming soon, but it all relies on the students sending their content in. The only reason this account is successful is because people send their videos in, so shout out to everybody to having fun. The more fun the students have, the better the account is.”