Tips to a succesful end of the semester

As the spring summer formed, we were all given another chance to start anew with both a new year and new classes. Now it's midterm time and spring break is right around the corner. Some of us are doing well while others may need a little boost after midterms. Here’s some tips on how to finish the semester strong with only a few months left.

1. Prioritize by using a planner

Start writing down tasks and assignments as they're given to you. Write down test and quiz dates. This gives you the opportunity to not focus on memorization on what has to be done throughout the day because you'll be likely to forget otherwise. It also creates and helps with organization.

2. Figure out learning style

There are primarily three learning styles. Auditory learners receive information best when it's heard. This can be from a speech, presentation, speaking themselves, or audio books. Visual learners use images to understand information. Kinesthetic individuals learn from interactive experiences like projects and experiences. Figuring out which style you have can help increase how efficient you study.


3. Find a suitable study environment

Find out where and who you study well with. This could be in the library, a computer lab, public areas, or even your room. Be careful if the area is too comfortable because you'll end up being distracted and less likely to engage in academic activities. Some people study better with colleagues, and others find it easier to study materials alone.

4. Complete assignments ahead of the due date

One of the most useful tips I could give is try to work on assignments as soon as you get them. You don't have to complete the entire homework on that day, but splitting the assignment up into sections each day could prevent the issue of having too much work by the end of the week. If you choose to complete the work before it’s due date, you can always visit your professor’s office hours or ask your colleagues for additional help.

5: I hope this tips guide to end your semester off strong and gives you guidance to focus on what matters!