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1. Journaling:

Whether you are expressing your feelings, planning out your day, our manifesting next semester keep journaling. Journaling helps you manage your problems, fears and is overall better for your mental health.

2. Planning a day for yourself:

Whether you take yourself out, wash your hair, paint your toes or just lay around all day. Do something for you! School is stressful and we all need a day to ourselves.

3. Sleep!

Get some sleep there is always tomorrow.

4. Stop putting things off until the last minute:

I know we have all experienced this, and nobody ever has it all together but you can try! This is your sign to finish that paper, project or presentation now!

5. Ask for help:

This isn’t really self care but if you a struggling notifying your professor, going to office hours or signing up for tutoring can take some pressure off of you. It’s never to late to ask for help.

End this semester off strong, you got this… We got this!

Aniyah Coaxum

Savannah '23

A proud member of the Savannah State University chapter of HerCampus and the Co-Writing Coordinator. Born and raised in Duval County, Florida.