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As the Saying Goes…

As the saying goes where older adults say “you will find the love of your life in college”, but is that really true? Honestly when it comes to me, I don’t believe this saying simply because that’s not true for everyone. Some people are lucky enough to find the love of their life in high school, some in college, and so on. Not everyone is really looking to be in love while in college. When young adults think of college most would say it’s to have fun while getting their degree and others are actually looking for someone to love them. Now as much as I would love to sugar coat what I say next it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share my own experience.

My freshmen year I started off with a boyfriend from home. I couldn’t have fun like everyone else because simply I wouldn’t cheat on my boyfriend for anything in this world. All the parties, clubs, other attractive guys, and the atmosphere by itself made being in a relationship kind of stressful. Yes, I stuck it out but soon I was hit with the reality that without notice I put him before myself. I became extremely depressed after losing a family member and I expected him to be there for me. He was there up until I fell into depression.

Like I literally couldn’t think unless he would talk to me, and barely went to my classes because we fell out. I literally cried 24/7 because of how he was treating me. My grades started to slip and I developed an eating disorder. Thought the world of him when he treated me like I meant nothing. After all that happened and we broke up my mind set on relationships changed. Yes, I had to heal from that situation, but when I was healed it was like I was a whole new woman. I started having too much fun being single and being on my own. Believe it or not I started to see a lot of dudes didn’t want to be in a relationship as well some because of the same thing. Sex for them is all they would really want at this moment in their life so oh well.

I really just learned how to be happy and be in love with myself all over again. My grades weren’t slipping anymore, had fun meeting new guys, and started enjoying my college experience. Then I got with the saying “oh girl the love of your life is coming while you in college”. Now, this year I thought made this saying could be true because of the guy I started, but he hurt me as well. Which is why I said I

do not believe that saying at all. Because again I started getting to a point where I was becoming depressed because of the things we were going through and also, he started becoming the source of my happiness.

Now, I’m not putting out there that the saying can’t be true for another young lady in college, but from my experience I don’t think it’s true. Being in college your mindset should be on one main thing only and that’s to get your degree. I don’t ever want another female to go through with what I had to deal with when it’s not necessary. I learned to put myself first and to wait be patient. Being with someone isn’t a must anymore for me. I rather be alone and getting my degree than trying to find the love of my life and lose sight of why I’m in college in the first place

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