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Ms. Rona When Are You Leaving and When Are People Going to Get It Together?

​It has been a little over a year now since Ms. Rona (COVID-19) decided to bring all of her belongings to our country. At this point, I’m pretty sure everyone has the same question: when is she going home? In case you didn’t know, COVID cases have been on the rise lately, including on our lovely SSU campus. I understand that everyone is just itching to go back outside and have fun like normal, but people also need to understand that people are dying because of this disease. My parents had COVID and there was a chance that I could have had COVID. That scares me to my core because I don’t want to lose my parents, nor do I want to die. I’m ready to go back outside without having to wear a mask everyday just as much as the next person, but I’m not about to add on to the risk of me contracting this disease. The cases on our campus have skyrocketed since last semester, and that concerns me. Somethings just shouldn’t happen just because you want them to happen. There is no reason why people should want to risk their lives and the lives of others just because the want to go party every chance they get. Ms. Rona…when are you leaving? Everyone else, when are y’all going to get it together and stop being selfish?

Brianna Grimble

Savannah '21

Pisces Gang, March Baby, SSU Senior....Life is what you make it, so make every moment count?
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