Meet Vernalesha Walker



Last week Her Campus Savannah President Tho'Mesia Moore had the opportunity to interview and talk with Miss. Vernalesha Walker, a Sophomore here at Savannah State University and the beautiful queen serving as Miss. Brown & Gold for the Brothers of Iota Phi Theta Incorporated. Vernalesha is from Macon, GA. She heard about Savannah State University through an advisor who came to speak with students at her school about the greatest HBCU. She was intrigued, applied, and got accepted her senior year. Vernalesha loves Savannah State however, she believes a common misconception of the school is that it is not a safe school and “it is not true.  We all are taking the necessary steps to make sure our students are safe”. Her law and order perspective also stem from being a Criminal  Justice major. What prompted her taking an interest in this field is her father. She wants to change each life that she comes across.

            She is not waiting until she gets into her field but doing it right now through being a collegiate student here at Savannah State University. Miss. Walker is already making impact through her title and being a part of multiple organizations. She says, “I want my name to stick out  at Savannah State”. What sets her apart from many people on this campus is to have impact and accomplish her goal is her genuineness. Vernalesha believes that is the most important aspect of making change is being real. People can see through you. Also, being a woman/man of your word. If you are going to say something you have to be able to stand on it no matter the argument that someone else may have.

            This has also gotten Vernalesha some side eyes when it comes to speaking up for herself. Vernalesha explains that those who have troubled using their voice feels threatened when she does. She has tried to be more reserved to make others feel more comfortable however, she exclaims, “I was not being myself “ which is very important to her. This runs in the family, because her mother is the one who instilled that trait in Vernalesha to speak up for herself. This is also the very woman that keeps her motivated. Vernalesha exclaimed, “Even people who are looking for me to fail push me.” This is the case for Vernalesha because the times she wants to give up is where she reminds herself why she does what she does.

            The impact that Vernalesha is striving to make on campus is like no other and there are many topics that Vernalesha takes interest in that she would like to bring awareness about as she continues to make her mark on campus. Those topics are mental health and empowering women. Empowering women is very important to her, because she believes there is a stereotype when it comes to women. However, Vernalesha believes that women possess certain skills that is needed on campus.

            As she continues to make her mark Vernelesha wants people to know that no matter what your classification is you are never too young to not be heard. Especially with freshman, Vernalesha exclaimed, “Freshman see everyone making a difference, and they do not really know how to go about making a difference. However, the advice that I would give them is to network. Networking is so important. You need someone in your corner who is already headed or where you want to go. Also,  be able to discern who is genuine or not. A lot of people are not genuine what sets me a part is my drive. When I am passionate about something, I go for it.’’

            The scripture that Vernalesha lives by is Revelation 3:11 which states, “I am coming soon. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown”. Even though she believes that it can be interpreted many different ways what it means to her is your crown is what you are passionate about and what you are putting your all into do not ever let anyone dethrone you and take your crown. She carries that with her every day that she wakes up.

            A tip that Vernalesha would like for everyone to know and follow is, “ You have to be genuine, you have to give 110%, you cannot be a leader without doing the small things, trust God in everything you do, and stay tuned for more things to come from Vernalesha Walker.”


            Twitter: @ashel_

            Instagram: its.leshav