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HCTU Estee Lauder Self Care Hero Image
HCTU Estee Lauder Self Care Hero Image
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Here’s How I Used This New Skincare Line to Upgrade My Summer Skincare Routine

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The season is quickly changing – which means the Savannah heat is back – and I’ve already started to notice the changes in my skin. This weather is stripping my face of its natural moisture and is leaving me with dry, patchy skin. 

As a college student going to Savannah State and dealing with the hot climate and sweaty walks to class, I’m always trying to find affordable, high-quality products that can help me maintain healthy skin in the warmer months. And, since I can’t start my day without a good skincare routine with the best cleansers, serums, and moisturizers, I was super excited when I began incorporating products from Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Collection into my daily routine!

The first product that I like to use in my routine is the Estée Lauder 2-in-1 Foam Cleanser. This product gives a great lather, and leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized. After using a toner and serum of my choice, I like to follow up with the Melting Soft Créme/Mask Moisturizer. This mask is light and doesn’t feel oily or greasy, but still provided enough moisture for my dry areas.

Thanks to these amazing products, my problem areas – like my normally-dry skin and my skin barrier – are beginning to heal. My skin is now glowing and these products are leaving me feeling more comfortable and confident in my skin! 

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