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My name is Sierra Norwood. I am a 21 year old college student at Savannah State University, living in Savannah, Georgia. I was born and raised for the first eight years of my life in Cleveland, Ohio. If we are being honest, I never knew too much about climate change and global warming. I always knew it was something serious.. People are protesting about it, hosting global conferences worldwide & even making television commercials about it. I always felt like if it was really a climate problem wouldn’t I be able to see it as I love being outside. Before I get into the truth, let me just tell you, I was completely wrong. 

Climate control and global warming have BEEN a problem and were never anything made to be a conspiracy or wonder. There is so much data and studies out there that have been proved climate change to be a real problem globally. On record, 2020 was one of the hottest years in Earth’s history ever recorded. This is not a consequence or by mistake; we have been doing things to destroy the ozone layers and lower greenhouse gases. Within our industries, agriculture, transportation systems, and energy consumption levels, we have blown the ozone level almost to nothing. 

This is a problem not just because it is 75 degrees 20 days before Santa comes stuffing his belly down our chimneys but because if we keep on living the way we are, our great great grandchildren’s legacies will burn to death. Which is our legacy. Fight and educate to protect your Earth and your future generations. Ways that you can help are by recycling! Recycle your plastic and reusable items instead of throwing them away! Another way is to use more effective ways to transport without so much gas! Walking, riding your bike, or carpooling is a GREAT way to travel safely! This last idea to save is one of the most efficient for me! Purchase and support LOCAL products and goods. By supporting local products, this cuts down on the materials used to ship goods as well as the transportation of the good. Overall understand that everything we do as humans affect our planet. This is our one and only home; take care of it while you can. You don’t want to look up one day and be burned to death. 

Sierra Norwood

Savannah '24

junior at savannah state university | writing with love | follow @theartist.si for more content 💖