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Girl Code

Guys have all these cool sayings and quotes that ultimately suggest that they have secrets amongst themselves that are unknown to females. So why don’t girls have any? In my opinion, we are the ones who truly need a secret rule book. To be completely honest females usually have the dirtiest little secrets between our personal group of friends. So to be fair I came up with a few girl codes that are necessary between us girls. 


Code 1: The five second rule


This rule is simple and really can be used for everyone. The five second rule is simply to not comment on someone’s appearance if they can not fix it in five seconds. Of course tell a girl if she needs to brush her bang, get the make up off of her teeth, or to even remove the toilet paper off of her shoe. All those things can be corrected in five seconds or less. So what do you not tell a girl in public? Do not tell her she is too fat or too skinny. Do not tell her that her makeup is not blended well enough. You may think you are helping someone out but really you are just being rude!


Code 2: Never tell personal business 


We all know those girls who are usually loud and outgoing, especially around the guys. Sometimes this friend likes to bring up personal things in front of male friends. Whether it is an attempt to score cool points with the guys or make herself look attractive, this is a NO-NO! Never be that friend to bring up personal discussions in the presence of outsiders. You never know who is listening. This act alone should and could get you exiled from your group of friends.  


Code 3: No buddy buddy with exes


It does not matter if you have known them since you were in elementary school, once your friend breaks up with someone, so do you! To some this may seem petty and I can admit it is, but it is necessary. It is just awkward and unnecessary for you to remain friends with an ex. So as you can see there is no real reason for this code, just don’t do it! 


These are only a few girl codes that I feel every group of girls should have. If you do not agree with me, feel free to get together with your girls and come up with your own, because every clique needs a set of rules to make sure they are on the same page of friendship! 

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