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Drowning is my biggest fear

That feeling of your lungs filling with water and not being able to breathe properly strikes me as particularly undesirable

Most people think that you will drown underwater and that is a possibility

However, I feel that you are more likely to drown first in your own mind before you ever do in water

The supposedly safe space of your mind can become dangerous quickly

Just as oceans produce currents that are strong and swift enough to entangle a person to their very downfall

The human mind operates in the same manner

Our negative thoughts are like currents gripping our capacity to see the good and live life with peace

Our minds are as large as great bodies of water that seem never-ending and impossible to control

To the same extent in which water overtakes the lungs as one is drowning, our thoughts can overwhelm our being

Struggling between wanting more and doing better or being proud of myself for the growth I’ve accomplished… I think

I think about what I could’ve said or could’ve done differently

How I could’ve shown up more for myself in the past… why I gave someone who didn’t care about me my absolute last… I think

About how I’m being perceived by people whose opinions heavily affect my well-being but don’t really matter

About how my “perfect” life didn’t go exactly how I planned

About the dirty little secrets, I’ll take to my grave and how someday I’ll be seen as more than a strong girl who’s dealt with her pain… I think

Drowning is my biggest fear You can drown in water but the mind is deeper than any ocean you could ever swim in

Christa Ross

Savannah '22

Christa is a goal-oriented student journalist with a wide variety of skills and talents. Serving in multiple capacities in media, her main objective is to ignite important conversations underscored by her mission to make the change she wants to see in the world. Christa is a full-time student at Savannah State University where she is heavily involved as a student leader. She also serves as an active member of the U.S Air Force. Christa has a special love for music, poetry, and art of all forms. Most of all, she is a versatile journalist with a passion for storytelling, digital media, feature writing, broadcast, and reporting.
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