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What’s to do the day after Halloween? After all the treats are given and all the tricks are played it’s best to find a nice calming activity to do. Everyone knows that the mascot of Halloween is the humble pumpkin, but after the carving what do you do with them? In fact, Halloween falls on a Saturday, so nothing beats a day after Halloween self care Sunday.

An interesting fact about pumpkins is that they contain minerals and potassium as well as zinc. The best thing about this is that all of these components aid in hair growth. So, instead of whipping out that mayonnaise and those eggs to create a foul smelling concoction, it’s better to create a pleasant smelling one. Zinc helps to reactivate dead hair follicles in order to wake them up and stimulate that new growth we look forward to seeing every two weeks.

There is also vitamin E that is all throughout pumpkin. The vitamin E provides an aid to blood circulation, which enhances how hair growth can be stimulated. A DIY hair treatment is the perfect beauty remedy in order to allow a deep conditioning effect on the hair follicles. A stimulated follicle is a healthy follicle and we all want a little growth at the end of the day.

The fact that you can sit back and relax and watch all of the split ends go away is the most relaxing part of a self care Sunday. The pumpkin will slip easily through the strands and can easily wash away as well. The winter is coming; it’s cold weather that attacks healthy hair strands is coming and your mane should be protected. Take a stand against the cold and create your pumpkin barrier. Instead of treating yourself to a pumpkin pie, you should treat yourself to the vitamin filled goop within the pumpkin.

Let’s lather and repeat ladies! We’re bringing healthy back to encourage longer and stronger hair. A woman with healthy hair is a happy woman. The day after Halloween might just be better than the holiday itself!

Hi, my name is Paris Shatteen. I am an English major passionate about writing catered towards benefiting women empowerment. I am twenty one years old and through this organization I look forward to showing the benefits of sisterhood and show how important writing is to our daily lives. I love what HerCampus has to offer and I look forward to adding my contribution!
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