Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

When you think about it breakups are one of life's hardest obstacles. One day your dreaming up a life with that special someone and then the next your trying to find the strength to go on without them. You never realize how necessary that special someone was until your forced to do things all alone. For some of us being in a relationship means having someone there every step of the day. From the moment you wake up until you bid your final farewells at the end of the night. Rather you text them the little things that others will not be interested in or you share the personal things that you wouldn't dare share with anyone else. That special someone was your go to person, sort of like an extension of yourself. So now that you have gone your separate ways, you now have to delete all the cute pictures and videos you guys took together and either return or throw away all gifts or sentimental items.

Most people think that breakups are usually the hardest on women and there is some truth to that statement. In my opinion, after a breakup women tend to suffer the most. Only because we love hard. I feel like that's the reason most women are usually an upgraded version of themselves when they have successfully gotten over a heartbreak. Breakups send us into overdrive. Now that we aren't so wrapped up in that individual we now have a clear vision to fully work on ourselves. Not only do we work on our emotions and goals, after a breakup women tend to make a drastic change on their physical appearance. Rather it's getting a tattoo or shaving and dyeing their hair. I once heard a guy say, "..if you plan on getting your girl back, you better do it before she cuts her hair". This statement mad me laugh because there is so much truth in it. Everyone knows a women's hair is her glory and cutting it off usually means that there is other things being cut out of her life as well. 

In my opinion, breakups tend to be a breakthrough for most women. When we finally get out of a bad relationship, it is like we unlock a special door that sends our lives into overdrive. Our minds are clearer and we are able to focus on the things that really matter in life. Although I do now that breakups can really take a toll on some people and often times sink them In a deep depression. I feel like this is so because society has taught us not to allow the other person to see you sweat. When in reality you are dying inside. I say allow that Individual know exactly how you feel. Lay it all out on the table, so there are no speculations in the future of 'what could have happened'. 

So to all my girls who are experiencing a tough breakup, don't fret, you will get over it and be just fine. Although you might not know it now but after a while your going to see exactly why it didn't work out and wonder why you ever wanted it to in the first place. So allow your to cry right now. Do whatever ritual you have to do to get over this obstacle rather it's shopping it away, working it away, or dancing it away because sooner than later you have to get back to living!