Black Owned Luxury

There isn’t any brand or industry who has not benefited from black people and that includes luxury brands. Your Gucci, Dior, Prada and my favorite Chanel have all thrived by the influence of black people.  However, these brands still receive backlash for not being inclusive, discriminatory, and not speaking up about issues that are negatively affecting the black community. Racism in fashion still exists and during the 2020 mass protest, it was exemplified more than ever. Here are a list of BLACK OWNED luxury brands made by us and for us. Within the luxury fashion industry, there are many talented black artist and they deserve spotlight and recognition. Check a few out below 


  1. Telfar (2005) 
  2. Brother Vellies (2013) 
  3. Grass Fields (2013)
  4. Fenty 
  5. Lionne (2018)
  6. Martine Rose (2015)