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Big, Bold, Black, and Beautiful

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Savannah chapter.

You bleed honey,

You strike fear into their hearts, because everything you touch can ultimately turn to money.

You are beautiful, your ways of life are extraordinary, anything but usual.

Those plump lips & naturally curvaceous thighs, I can see why so many seek your demise.

You see you are not physically or emotionally ready for me.

I am a beautiful black girl and the odds are always against me.

Akiele Nelson

Savannah '24

Currently An undergraduate junior at the University by the Sea, Savannah state studying Middle Grade education & a minor in Behavioral Analysis. I, Akiele Nelson am a poet, writer & romantic. Hopefully you enjoy my content, feel something and maybe relate to my words. They say a poet is first firstly, a person passionately in love with language.