Bertha A. Ababio: A Ghanaian Blessing

Up close and personal is just how we like it. That is why this interview is a Her Campus FAVE! This profile is an inspiring story from a young lady from Ghana, who believes it was destined for her to attend Savannah State. Get to know Bertha Abaido’s personal hardships and plans


Tell me about yourself.

My name is Bertha Abaido and I am from Ghana! I am a Junior Biology major. I am the RHA president, a member of S.O.L, I serve on the elections committee, SGA eboard.

Why did you decide to attend Savannah State University?                

I applied for 3 schools; Fort Valley, Savannah State University, and Albany State University.

I prayed on it because I took a break from college and it was time to jump back into doing the things I wanted to and pursue my dreams and goals in life. So I just prayed and put it in God’s hands to make a decision for me and he did. I got accepted into Savannah State. And no other university replied.

What is your favorite memory as a freshman?

Honestly, I didn't do a lot my freshman year. I made more memories this year because the lessons I learned with friendships and learning to adjust. I loved the events from stripes events and educational programs this year. I am also trying to make more connections and network so that I can make more memories.

What advice can you give incoming freshman?

So many… get out of your comfort zone and connect and network. Get out there so you can make new friends and go to events!

If you could go back and relive or redo any experience in college what would it be? 

Make better decisions with friend’s, social events, and things I did and didn't do. I would also network and brand myself more. We come to college and try to paint an image of what we think we should be instead of being ourselves. I would also love myself for who I am and allow others to love me for me.

What motivates you to keep going knowing how hard college can be?

God and my mother. She has been through so much like coming to America and having to adapt from our culture. Where we are from, the man is in charge (this is something we take serious in our culture). When we moved it was because she was following her husband. They ended up getting a divorce due to domestic violence, alcoholism, and cheating. After the divorce she had to step up and do things on her own and I helped. This is one of the reasons I didn't attend college right after high school. She has done so much and she has been belittled and still she is able to remain a strong Godly woman. Despite what my mother has been through, she still continues to live and have joy. She doesn't allow her past to define who she is.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in college? 

Being a S.O.L. It tests your limits. You learn so much about yourself and others that it makes you grow as a person. You are put in a position where you are looked up to and your there for new students to help them with advice and help them navigate through college.

What do you hope to accomplish after graduation? 

When I graduate, I will be attending medical school. My dream is to be an OBGYN. I also would like to build hospitals and classes back home as well as the US.

What are three fun facts you would like for our readers to know about you?

I’m 4’11 which means that I am fun size! I love to talk and I plan on writing a book or being an inspirational speaker.

If you could change one thing about your college career what would it be? 

I would change my confidence level. It grows every semester but I feel as if it is not up to par.

Putting myself out there, connecting, networking, and not carrying about what people think.

What are you looking forward to for the upcoming year?

Success and no boundaries! I just want to stop thinking and just do things. Sometimes our thinking stops us. So I just want to act and see the results later.

Do you have a quote or a motto that you live by?

“God is within her she will not fall”.

The entire bible because I have a devotional that I read daily.

In five years where do you see yourself?

I will be a graduate of Savannah State with my bachelor’s degree in Biology. I will be in medical school aspiring to be an OBGYN. I will be hitting the bricks running from there.

What are your favorite organizations and why?

I love S.O.L. Helping Freshman it is a genuine act. We don't get paid and we put a lot of time and dedication into it to help the freshman thrive.

Tiger Ambassador as well. I like it even more because of S.O.L.     We give tours as a Tiger Ambassadors and can see those results through S.O.L. You can see someone who you gave a tour to and then they show up for Freshman Orientation and realize that your tour made an impact on them!

What are some reasons why you would encourage someone to join Savannah State organizations?

Because you never know who you will meet and what they can do for you in life. The person sitting next to you can be the next CEO. Just connecting and networking can take you so far in life.