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There was a street in Brunswick.

Brunswick, Georgia, that is. Named after her son.

This mom was strong, unlike any other, I had come to encounter.

On this particular day, I met this woman and was greeted by an assertive tone in her voice and met her brown eyes which were shielded from the sun behind a pair of black frames.

I was able to hug this lady who has been mourning the wrongful death of her son. 

I was able to say into the ear of this woman, “May God Bless You & May God Keep You.” 

On this same day, I hugged a selfless man who lost his son in February 2020. I whispered the same thing into his ear. 

These people were Wanda Cooper-Jones & Marcus Arbery Sr.

A 25-year-old aspiring electrician.

An African American.

A Black Man in America.

A Son.

A Friend. 

A hate crime that ended this life.

Let us not forget.

Let his death not be in vain.

As they pulled back the curtain to reveal the plaque with the newly named street, I felt a bandage placed over a wound for many people.

All of America witnessed his story.

Say his name as we begin to heal.

Ahmaud Arbery Street Unveiling 2022

Liv Carter

Savannah '24

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