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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Savannah chapter.

September 13, 2022, marks twenty-six years since the untimely passing of Tupac Amaru Shakur. The man who was everything to everybody. One thing nobody could not say is that Tupac did not leave his mark on everyone he encountered. In the 25 years he was here, the young artist created, changed, re-created, and built so many foundations. From music, to film, to social justice there were far few things that Tupac was not vocal and active about. He was raised by an ex-black panther and social rights activist, Afeni Shakur. It was instilled in him as a child to always be a leader, not follow and speak your mind, no matter what people think. While alive he released four albums, all of which went platinum, with Me Against the World and All Eyez on Me going double platinum. His first two posthumous albums both went quadruple platinum, and he sold over 75 million records worldwide. His words, whether they were written, rapped, or spoken stuck changed the lives of so many people. Not only did people fall in love with his music, but it was his aura, style and entire being. Even during his darkest times, after seeing Tupac’s smile and hearing his lively spirit you felt something special.  

Being that it has been over 25 years you can only imagine the impact that has been left here on Earth for his fans. People forever celebrate the legacy that Tupac has made by sampling his music, creating art that resembles the person he was, through his movies, and by celebrating the life he lived. I remember when I was seven years old, I first heard Tupac’s voice. The song was Changes and I just remember falling in love. Hearing something so real from someone so strong, powerful, and young I knew that if I investigated him a little more, I would never stop exploring who he was. That was true. The love I feel for him is different than the love of a big fan. I am a better individual because of his messages and the love he shared with the people he inspired. He taught me to be strong in my beliefs, always give back to my community, listen to what I can learn, and be real and authentic in all situations. There are many things about me that I can trace back to my love for Tupac and I am forever grateful for the love he shared with the world. I genuinely believed that God blessed the world when he gave us Tupac.  

Sierra Norwood

Savannah '24

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