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If you’re completely sick of all this snow…there is hope. Spring is right around the corner…literally. March 20 marks the first official day of spring. To help you pass the time, here are a few of our favorite things about spring.


  • Fashion—while I love my winter boots and warm fuzzy jackets—let’s be honest. I’m ready for a cute sun dress and flat sandals. I’m ready to paint my toes funky colors and let the world see them. There is nothing better than having the warm breeze of spring ruffle you dress and caress your face. In addition, spring colors and patterns are just so much more fun than those boring tans and blacks.


  • Environment—Everything wakes up in the spring. The grass is green. The flowers pop up. The sweet scent of lilacs and tulips grace the breeze. There is no salt and there is no slush. Just beautiful warm air. This is also the time of year when you can create something. You can plant a seed. You can plant a tree. You can plant an entire garden if you wish. It’s a challenge and an accomplishment when you find that you can keep something alive.


  • Outdoor activities—bike rides and walks along the Mississippi– Getting out into that fresh air can do wonders for both your mood and motivation. It’s easy to sit inside during these cold months and not do anything. Spring is your chance to exercise and do activities that will help cancel out all those snacks on the couch during those recent snow storms. And, don’t forget baseball season starts. We all know a campus cutie playing for the home team. Root them on with your friends at the local ballpark.



  • New Life—Again, this is just the time of year when everything wakes up and decides to be adorable. Kittens, puppies, baby bunnies. You may not have any of those running around your dorm room, but you could take a trip to a farm or shelter to volunteer if you decided you did want to see them.


  •  Love—Doesn’t it seem like a lot of people fall in love during this season? Here’s to hoping…here’s to wishing. And even if you’re not the one falling in love, chances are you may be going to a wedding. We all love a good spring wedding, right? Dinner, dancing and of course, cake! 


  • To all my favorite seniors: graduation—you’re nearly past midterms! It will be here before you know it. Take the time to enjoy the last few weeks with some of your best friends. Be sure all of your records are in order as you prepare to apply for jobs and double check your college bucket list one last time!
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