Why Seeing the Jonas Brothers When You’re 21 is Better Than When You’re 12

When I was younger, I would dance around my room singing and dancing to a Jonas Brothers CD from start to finish and then start all over again. It was my dream to go see them in concert, especially when they were on tour with Hannah Montana. This, however, did not happen which I came to terms with at a young age… Yes, I’m intentionally making that WAY more dramatic than it needs to be - but it was a BIG deal at the time.


Fast forward to my Sophomore year in college and what do ya know? The Jo Bros get back together, release a new album and announce that they are going on tour. Well, this was a no brainer - I knew I HAD to go. I was going to regret it big time and I couldn’t live with 12 year old me being sad. All that was left to do was find my girl gang I could fangirl with and pick the date to go! Of course, the only time that worked for all of us was a Tuesday night the week before finals week… Oh well! We went and had a blast and here’s why I’m glad I went now and not when I was 12.


College Friends >>> Parents

No offense mom and dad, but I don’t think you understand my love for the Jo Bros the way my college friends do. Your parents may have driven you to the show and waited in line with you back in the day, but a road trip with the girls and then losing your voice together singing S.O.S. is significantly better in my opinion.


Reliving Your Childhood

Before Disney+, how many opportunities were there to thoroughly immerse ourselves in our childhood? This concert literally did that  x10. I thought I was going to have to wait until the Year 3000 for an experience like this. I was surrounded by my people because we just all got each other. Most of the girls at that concert were my age because we have literally grown with them from the beginning. They gave us a shoutout as being their original fans and even did a medley of old tunes for us.



They’re Even Hotter Now

My sister and I would always buy Tiger Beat magazine growing up, take the “Which Jonas Brother would you date” quiz, and fight over Nick - of course! Well, looking back, we thought they were cute then, now they are just absolutely on fire (you could even say they’re Burnin’ Up!)


You Could Say I Found My Place Where Happiness Begins

I love going to concerts with a passion, but this one was unlike any other one I’ve been to. Most of the concerts I go to are classic rock ‘n’ roll bands that I look up to as idols in music. The Jonas Brothers, while they are talented, when I went to see them it was because they just have a way of putting the brightest smile on your face and not having a care in the world. As stressed as we were trying to make it to this concert, it was the best thing we could have done to help us get through studying for our finals and I’m so glad we made it happen!


Pictures provided by: Alex Axup