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Why is Halloween the Best Holiday for College Students

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By: Haylee Thurmond 

It is a known fact that college students love Halloween. The gore, the costumes, the fun, and the madness. Why? It is in the fall, students love everything about fall, but more specifically we love Halloween, due to our ability to stand out from the crowd. Halloween is not very traditional in the sense we have no rules. There are no ceremonies to attend just a time to have fun. College students also love it because you have no obligations to family. It is also the cheapest holiday, us college students are ballin on a budget. If you think about it, there are many things to do on Halloween. You can watch horror movies, dress up, make blankets, and party. It truly is a holiday for everyone to celebrate. It also brings you closer together with you friends or even a stranger who you think has the coolest costume. Halloween is low stress, we need that in our lives because it is so stressful as it is. It is the one day of the year we can let our freak flag fly. 

I am Haylee Thurmond. I am a freshman, my major is psychology. I love to shop, drink coffee, watch Netflix, and hang with my friends. my instagram is haylee.thurmond :)
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