Who Did It Better? Comparing Song Covers To Their Originals

I'm planning on making this a bit of a series so that I can continue to dive deep into different songs and the lyrics they contain and I will always attach YouTube links or a Spotify playlist along with so you can go and explore the songs on your own as well!    



1. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door"

This was originally done by Bob Dylan in 1987, Eric Clapton later covered it followed by Guns 'N' Roses and many others, but of these three, who played it best? This is an extremely difficult call for me, especially once I narrow it down between GNR and Clapton.


2. "Sound Of Silence"

I originally only knew the Simon & Garfunkel version of this song and love it because it gives me a Hobbit vibe, but when I went to see Disturbed in concert, I was happily surprised by their epic cover of the song. They are both dramatic and excellent presentations of the song, so it's your call to make a final decision.


3. "Hooked On A Feeling"

If anyone is like me, the first time you heard this song was from the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack a few years ago which is by Blue Suede. For others, however, the original was released in 1968 by B.J. Thomas which, to me, is just not the same. I am very biased when it comes to this comparison, but I will still leave it up to you to decide.


4. "Come Together"

My rock cover band plays this song every show and we try to essentially combine The Beatles version with the Aerosmith one by keeping the verses low key and rocking out on the chorus. As a whole, that's a tough call to say who did it best since they are so different, but I am a member of Beatlemania so I would probably have to toss my vote in that direction.


5. "Higher Ground"

Okay, as much as I love Stevie Wonder and his music, hands down I am addicted to listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers' cover of this song. It is a blast and the slap bass part Flea added to it is absolutely perfect. Nuff said.


6. "I'm A Believer"

I actually did grow up listening to the Monkees' original version of this song in my grandparent's car, but when Shrek came out, Smash Mouth totally crushed their cover of this song. I do, however, still enjoy both versions and can't exactly pick a favorite except that I do like the reggae bass line in the Smash Mouth version better.


7. "Africa"

I have to admit, when the Toto version started becoming overplayed, I began disliking this song a bit, but when Weezer released their cover on their Teal Album, it was quite refreshing for me and re-opened me to enjoying the song. What are your thoughts?


8. "Brown Eyed Girl"

My mom always played Jimmy Buffet in the car when I was a kid so I never even knew that he was playing a cover of this song. It wasn't until I learned the bass part for a jam night that I realized Van Morrison did the original. In all honesty, I am happy listening to either version of this song so I totally recommend both for listeners.


9. "When The Levee Breaks"

I always get the led out when I can, but one time when I searched this song on YouTube, I came across a version that was not Led Zeppelin. The original artist of this tune happens to be Kansas Joe McCoy & Memphis Minnie written in a very laid-back, country blues style. For me, the harmonica and Zep flare totally makes this song for me.


10. "Zombie"

Boy am I a huge fan of how Dolores Eileen sang this with The Cranberries, but when I heard Bad Wolves cover it, I was equally impressed with the delivery and intensity of the emotions in the song. So, my verdict... is depending on the day because I can get down and head bang to either.


This is just a first installment of this list for your guys. I have many more up my sleeve, but will save them for a future article so keep a look out for that one when it comes out!