Where to Get Your Textbooks That Won't Break the Bank

Most college students know finding textbooks is the bane of our existence. An avid book nerd has found many websites to find books at low low prices. After a semester, I checked to see if any of them might have my textbooks for cheap, and some of them did. Here’s a compiled list of all the places I look. Of course, Amazon and Chegg are on here, but never forget to ask about price matching at your university bookstore if you are wanting to avoid shipping or the post office altogether.


Your local university bookstore

Most university bookstores have to price match now to compete with Amazon. Asking someone about their policies will get you your books faster and cheaper.



Yes, I understand that Amazon can be controversial for some. What I am saying is to check at Amazon and then get the books at your bookstore so it’s faster and just as cheap.



Okay seasoned college students, skip this one. Freshman: Hello, go here for books. Chegg was one of the first websites I was introduced to when I went looking for books, and for a good reason. Chegg offers four-weeks of tutoring and answers to your textbook questions (after you begin to pay) as well as free shipping on orders over $35 that sometimes come with a sweet bonus.



This website has almost every book you could think of, and if they don’t have it, they can find it for you elsewhere. Thrift books have textbooks and assigned reading books for class.



The Book Depository is similar to Thriftbooks, but heavier on the free reading/not necessarily hard textbooks. It is PERFECT if you like to free read or if your professor is assigning classic literature.


Barnes and Noble

Yes, I know this one may be a bit of a stretch, but trust me. If you can find someone with a membership like a relative or friend that knows their login information it can take off 10% and ship for free. If you sign up for their emails like I do, they send out coupons between 10-25% off a purchase. Once you sign up you should keep receiving emails because those coupons also work in their Starbucks(affiliate) Cafe.



Textbooks.com is a site I found when I casually looked up textbook websites. Here you can purchase eTextbooks, old fashion paper textbooks, and sell back your textbooks. They have prices that are comparable and you can purchase from different sellers.



My roommate showed me Abebooks.com when she was looking for a music book for her string instruments class. I decided to test the site and I have found all of my textbooks as well as free reading books. 


Better World Books

I found Better World Books when I went looking for a textbook that I was not happy with the prices I was finding. Better World Books had it for the best price and they actually do a lot of good with their business that you can read about in the history tab on their website.


If you guys have any other places help ya girls out and drop them in the comments below!


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