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            It took me an extremely long time to figure out what makes ME, happy. I mean, we grow up, work, maybe go to school, deal with family, and yet we must find time to find out what we need to be… happy? It’s not hard to know what you like, like colors, activities, or maybe it’s food. For me, it took me a very long time to figure out what made me happy. Why’s that? Simply because I never had the time to sit and think about what I needed to maintain this busy lifestyle and still be sane. For most, our work or school is our priority. It gets hard to manage a relationship or extracurriculars at the same time. Especially in high school, when we were expected to do so many things every day and then on top of that, join a sport or club. Going from doing things every day and keeping busy with what seemed like necessities to now being a college student, we see our lifestyles are clearly different. So now we’re in college, figuring out who we are for a second time, going through lots of changes. So, what do we do?
            We go to TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, searching for new ways to dress. Searching for a perfect friend group to join for the best college experience. Finding a part time job to pay for groceries or those weekends out on the town. We search for a new routine and stability in our lives just as we once had while growing up at home. Once we get those things, we still have even more time. For what? Well, that’s for you to figure out. Add a hobby? A newfound love for the gym? Maybe just watch more Netflix? We decide our daily schedules which can be stressful, hard to manage, yet still seem like we have way too much time on our hands. And with this new lifestyle and busy work, what do we do to relieve this stress?

            Well, what we were just talking about! Our self-care or hobbies are exactly what someone needs to destress after a long day of classes, studying, or working. Rewatch the first season of Euphoria if you want. Go buy a new Squishmallow if you’re feeling crazy. Go out to eat with your friends, you won’t get to live like this after college! Or sleep! For me, I found that my biggest stress reliever was working out. Without it, I wouldn’t have managed to get through my Psychology classes last semester! Figuring out your values and interests will help you the MOST for getting through this semester. This means finding out who the new, college you is first. Not your significant other, not your friends, just you. Life is all about changing who you want to be and shaping to become the best version of yourself. Figuring that out will be the best thing to do for yourself. Figure out you, then find your happiness. Don’t let others do it for you!

Hey, I'm Hunter!! I'm a Sophomore at St. Ambrose University just writing for fun:)
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