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What I Learned My Freshman Year of College

Since I am now at the end of my freshman year of college, I’ve taken a moment to reflect back on my eight months away at school. I am so thankful for the many experiences that I’ve had and all the memories I’ve made. Even through the embarrassing moments, regrets, and homesickness, there are far too many good moments to focus on the bad. Now that I’m finished with my first year, I want to share some of the things that I’ve learned and give a little advice to any incoming Freshman.

Know your campus

Search up a campus map. Take a walk and explore. Find your favorite spot on campus.

Explore the area

Get to know what the city offers outside of campus. Find a place to eat or somewhere to do an activity!

Talk to new people

This applies throughout the year. It’s never too late to make a new friend!

Get Involved 

  • Join a club
  • Participate in a sport
  • Go to on campus events
  • Volunteer

These are great ways to meet new people and helpful to finding a place where you belong. This is what helped me build the majority of the relationships I have!

Be responsible

Know your limits. Know who is best to be around.


Remember what you’re here for.

Go to your professor’s office hours

I did not do this but I wish I had. It is much easier to get help right away instead of being frustrated and confused on an assignment at 2 A.M.

Utilize campus resources.

If your campus offers tutoring, GO! If your campus offers counseling, GO!

Choose early!

Pick classes early and pick your dorm early. I cannot stress that enough! It’s better to do it ontime than to only have what’s left over. Waitlisting sucks.

Don’t be embarrassed to use an umbrella

Or rain boots! 

Bring your own stuff!

When my roommate moved out halfway through first semester, she took her fridge and microwave. Luckily, I had my own! If I hadn’t, I would be left with nothing. Sharing is great, but it’s best to have your own items.

Build relationships

  • With your neighbors
  • RA’s
  • Advisors
  • Friendly faces you see often

You don’t have to have only one friend group.

It’s okay to have a friend group, but having more than one is a great way to stay connected and experience new things. 

Have clothes for every occasion

  • For job interviews
  • Parties
  • Presentations for class
  • For working out
  • For hot or rainy days
  • Or even just to lounge in.

Spend time outside

Studying, reading, taking a walk, or just sitting outside, is a great pastime on a nice day.

Take an art course if possible

My college requires this and I love it! Creativity is good for the soul. Especially when your day has been filled with heavy studying for core classes.

Try not to stay up too late

Staying up to 3 A.M. when you have a class at 8 A.M. is not the smartest decision. I did this way too many times.

Befriend upperclassmen.

They give good advice and they know the school and the experience best.

Its okay to make a mistake

This is how we learn. 

Remain true to yourself

Don’t let anyone or anything change who you are negatively. 

It goes by very fast.

I can’t believe it’s over already! It feels like the school year just started. It will fly by faster than you think. Plan for the future but live in the moment!

marketing & film major, cheerleader, class of 25 :)
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