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What to do on snow days

Binge watch Netflix: 

You can't help but want to cuddle with some guy while laying in bed all day... send him a text and you're one step from being cuddle buddies ;) 


- Dark 

- Criminal Minds 

- The Tomorrow People

- Grey's Anatomy 

- That 70's Show 

- Black Mirror 



This is the best time to get in shape. The walk to the Wellness Rec. Center is awful but trust me, it's worth it. Get your sweat on and you'll love the way you feel after. YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS.  


Play in the snow:

For those of you who like the snow, you can gather a group of friends to have a grand snow fight.  


Make hot chocolate:

Keep warm and stay inside! You can make hot chocolate and watch a movie. Doesn't that sound wonderful? 



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