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Us is about a family that encounters a group of doppelgängers, who terrorize them. This movie comes out in theaters March 22, 2019. Jordan Peele is extraordinary for his movie Get Out, which had us shocked and mind blown. You may or may not have missed the trailer when it was released Christmas day in 2018. This has to be the best horror movie yet to come out. Hope that it brings us nothing but chills, sitting at the edge of our seats.


Happy Death Day 2U 


Happy Death Day 2U released February 14, 2019. This time it comes for friends too. Her day seems to never end and it sets back to her birthday, where it all started. It seems very repetitive but there’s a huge anticipation of wanting to see how it all ends. 




Oscar® winner Octavia Spencer stars in MA. You wouldn’t think this trailer was a scary because of the happy upbeat start with a Meghan Trainor song, but then it gets crazy instantly with the creepy vibes. A group of kids come across Sue Ann (Octavia Spencer), wanting her to buy them alcohol. Sue takes the opportunity to let the kids hang out in her basment and throw parties. However, they must call her “Ma” and there are a couple of house rules. What becomes the best place then becomes their worst nightmare as things get intense between Ma and the teens. In theaters May 31, 2019.


Child’s Play 


Let me tell you about this movie. Chucky was everyone’s childhood nightmare. A mother gives her son the evil toy doll… and you might have guessed it, Chucky is alive. Child’s Play reboot hits theaters on June 21, 2019. 


Pet Sematary 


Stephan King’s Pet Sematary 1989 movie is available to watch on Amazon Prime. If you’ve watched the original movie, you already have the idea of what this will be about. Dr. Louis Creed and family move to rural Maine. They discover a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his neighbour Jud Crandall. Horrific consequences begin to happen in a chain reaction. The new Pet Sematary comes out in theaters April 5, 2019. 


The Prodigy 


Parents always dreamed of having their kid become a prodigy but not in this case. The Prodigy is about two parents and their young son Miles, who starts to show signs of extreme intelligence. Miles’ behavior becomes eerie and violent by his eighth birthday. After seeking help from two experts, Sarah is horrified to learn that her prodigy has a supernatural force. Released February 8, 2019. 



It: Chapter 2, Annabelle 3, The Grudge and Zombieland 2 are set to come out but there are no official trailers released yet. We’ll have to wait and see! 



Photo source: Us, MA, Happy Death Day 2UChild’s Play, Pet Sematary, The Prodigy 

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