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Throughout my life, I have only traveled especially only with family. I have been to 42 states and 4 countries (planning on going to more) and I have made a lot of friends along the way. While I have only traveled with family, I have been able to do things that interest me and I have found a lot of places that are my favorite when I need to have a quick get-away.

My top favorite place has been going to the island of Hawaii called Oahu. This island is by far my favorite place to go because you truly feel as though you are staying in a different world. You are surrounded by the ocean, there are beaches and food trucks everywhere you go, and there is a lot of different activities to do to pass the time away. My family and I have visited Oahu 5 different times and we are planning on going back.

The next favorite place is Wyoming. This is different, I know, but bear with me. In Wyoming it is such a different culture than what I am used to. You are surrounded by small towns, all types of animals, and you are constantly outside. You can go horseback riding, go to Yellowstone, hiking, and find unique dining places. I have only been once but I hope to go back sometime in my life.

My favorite country has been Italy. I love learning about new cultures and new ways of living. In Italy, the food was amazing, the people were nice, and you got the best Gelato. I loved my stay in Italy and I know that I will be going back plenty of times because I loved it out there.

I am a sophomore majoring in Early Childhood education with a concentration in Special education. I am a resident advisor!