Top Ten Netflix Shows to Binge This Fall

Now that it’s OFFICIALLY FALL and starting to actually feel like it, here are some shows on Netflix that are spooky and eerie and some shows that just give you of that fall feeling!!


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Everyone needs a break when it comes to studying, so crank out the leggings and sweaters, make some tea or even run to the Beehive for Starbucks, open your windows and enjoy these shows on Netflix!


1. American Horror Story


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Currently in the midst of their newest season, “Cult”, AHS is definitely freaky! This show is great because each season has a different story line, yet they do connect in some parts which is cool to pick up on. The first season especially gives me the fall vibes!


2. Orange is the New Black


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If you haven’t seen OITNB I highly recommend it. It has a little bit of everything in there: drama, romance, justice, and so much more! I find that it appeals to a large, diverse audience as well. OITNB isn’t necessarily spooky, yet it is unfortunate to see the struggles that these ladies go through. It has a lot of focus on the untraditional bonding the girls have while in prison. This has a funny way of connecting to life on campus and the untraditional bonding we may have as well. Also, some of our dorms tend to look all too familiar to their bunks.


3. Pretty Little Liars


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When PLL first came out, I never watched it despite all of my friends going crazy over the show. It seemed dumb to me and I’ll admit that. I finally started watching it in high school, then after every episode was finally released, I binged them so hard. PLL takes turns all over the places with lovable and relatable characters and situations, while also being haunting. It draws you in and is one of my favorites now. All episodes are finally on Netflix so you don’t have to worry about not finding the last season any longer!


4. Stranger Things


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Stranger Things’ newest season will be out very soon on Netflix, so now is a great time to watch the first season if you haven’t done so yet. The characters are lovable and it is a show that will draw you in. It follows a group of friends in the 80’s as they search for their missing friend. There is drama and a supernatural feel.


5. Shameless


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Now, I recently started watching Shameless so I don’t know everything about it, but I know that everyone I know who has seen it so far has loved it so much. So far I love it and I’m only on season one. It follows a family that others may see as damaged and broken, while they do everything they can to work together and push on.


6. Black Mirror


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These episodes are all stand alone and all have a weird drama yet sometimes paranormal feel. They are usually called the new “Twilight Zone”. All are super weird and messed up, but relatable to Halloween with the spookiness and eerie feel.


7. Breaking Bad


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I don’t think this show needs to much of an introduction considering it’s considered one of the best shows ever created by people and critics everywhere. This show is just crazy from start to end and it’s amazing to see character transformations and development along the way.


8. A Series of Unfortunate Events


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I’m sure most of us read this book series while growing up in school. The show takes on a very similar feel to the book series and is actually sort of cute despite all the unfortunate events…


9. Freaks and Geeks


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This show is 10/10 in my books. It’s definitely one that ended way too soon, however it is still amazing with only one season and has a take back feel to high school and being in a small community as much of us had at home. Plus it has an amazing cast.


   10. The Walking Dead


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This show also is pretty popular now. The newest season of this will be coming up soon as well. I recommend this show if you are someone who can sit through a lot of down time. There are tons of episodes and many lovable characters!


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