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Top 5 Best Thanksgiving Foods!

The best thanksgiving foods rated.



  • Stuffing is at the top of the list because everyone loves it and it tastes great. It’s thanksgiving so that means you are allowed to eat whatever you want no matter how many carbs you have.


 Mashed potatoes

  • Keeping up with the theme here, mashed potatoes are fantastic. You can eat them plain if you would like or load them up with gravy and whatever else your heart desires.



  • You can’t have thanksgiving without turkey, it’s the staple dish for this meal. Load it up with gravy or go for the wild card and put cranberry sauce on it which adds a nice sweet taste to it instead of the traditional gravy.


Mac and cheese

  • Everyone knows mac and cheese is the best thing ever invented so why not put it as a thanksgiving dish? The cheesy goodness with breadcrumbs if your family is into that gives it a nice crunch.



  • You can’t forget about the pie! There’s a lot of different kinds of pies. You have pumpkin, pecan, and apple. Pumpkin pie is the traditional pie with just a bit of whipped cream on top is a classic. Pecan pie; some people like it, some don’t, but I like it. The sweetness of the glaze, the saltiness of the pecans and the crunch they give is just so satisfying. Apple pie is great especially with a bit of ice cream on top gives it a nice sweet flavor where two things coming together makes it that much better.


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