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The Top 10 Barbie Careers

The famous Barbie doll by Mattel Toys has been disputed against by many for being a bad influence on children. Barbie gets a bad rep for her appearance, gender stereotyping, and much more. But, maybe we should cut her some slack. This iconic toy has actually accomplished many extraordinary careers while still looking fabulous, of course.

With the full name Barbara Millicent Roberts, the doll made her debut in 1959 as a teenage fashion model and now surprises us with her career endeavors. From an astronaut to a concert pianist, Barbie has inspired females with her girl-power attitude.

Here are 10 of Barbie’s most interesting career choices:

1. Astronaut

In 1965, before American men landed on the moon, Barbie took one small step for woman and one giant leap for humankind.

Dressed in a silver spacesuit, she is ready to take on not only the world, but the universe.

2. Surgeon 

The 1970’s wasn’t a flourishing time for women in health fields. Besides nursing, women didn’t have much a role in the world of medicine. But in 1973, Barbie kicked butt as a surgeon in her teal scrubs and stethoscope.

3. Concert Pianist

The musical talented Barbie takes on Mozart and Beethoven with her electronic piano that can play 21 keys. She is performance-ready dressed in a flowing pink gown and dangling earrings. (1982)

4. UNICEF Ambassador

Who better to stand up for the rights of children than Barbie? In 1989, she is dressed in a blue and white gown supporting the people who made her so famous: children.

5. Presidential Candidate 

Barbie ran for President of the United States in the 1992, 2004, 2008, and 2012 elections. Vote for Barbie! 

6. United States Air Force Thunderbird

Serving out country in 1993, Barbie is an Air Force Thunderbird. 

7. Paleontologist 

Just when you thought she had done everything, Barbie studies dinosaurs as a paleontologist in 1997. She is rocking a dinosaur T-shirt and a good pair of boots to help her with her endeavors. 

8. NASCAR Driver

Having only 16 women compete in NASCAR, Barbie sets a record in 1999.

9. Producer

Barbie takes a turn for television and becomes a producer in 2005. Wearing a green pants suit and carrying a sleek briefcase, she is ready to make some TV magic. 

10. Computer Engineer 

In 2010, Barbie is tech-savvy with her Bluetooth headset and laptop filled with binary code. She encourages females to join the ranks of geeks and shows that being smart is cool.

Barbie always shows herself as self-sufficient and ready to take on anything. Her drive and enthusiasm for new careers should motive us all to venture out into the world. As collegiettes we can learn a little something from Barbie and her amazing careers!

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