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We currently are back at school during a completely different time. We are wearing masks, cleaning, scared, nervous, stressed, having hybrid or online classes. I understand how stressful this can be and just want to give you some tips to make you feel better prepared at the end of the day. Here are some tips to help you through this crazy time back at school with this pandemic. 


1. Wear Masks

I know that they may not be comfortable or something we want to do but it is something we should do to protect ourselves and the ones we love. There are many kinds of masks or shields out there to find some you are more comfortable in. If you want to get a few cute or fun designs to make it a little more fun for you to want to wear. 

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2. Wash Masks

You should wear a mask once before you wash it or throw it away. A dirty or overused mask won’t do much to help you. 


3. Wash Hand or Use Hand Sanitizer often

You should wash your hands after using the bathroom but also now you should clean them after touching shared surfaces or surfaces that are frequently touched. I always carry hand sanitizer on my backpack or in my bag so I can use it whenever I can’t get soap and water right away.

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4. Clean frequently Touched Surfaces

At the end of the day my roommate and I wipe down surfaces that our touched often such as: door knobs, card scanners, bathroom skin and handle, desk drawers, dressers, fridge, microwave buttons, Tv Remotes, etc. We either use a spray or a wet wipe depending on what the surface is. 


5. Disinfected Shared Areas

My roommate and I share a bathroom with our suitemates. Even with housekeeping cleaning the bathroom weekly we tend to disinfect this shared area daily. We also have a cozy corner by the window I brought and we clean this area after it has been used. To keep us and anyone who uses it safe or at a lower risk. 


6. Take Vitamins

I take Emergen-C gummy vitamins daily on top of my normal vitamins but I also start every morning with a bottle of water that has the Emergen-C drink mix in it. 


7. Stay Home

If you aren’t feeling well, stay home and away from others. It doesn’t matter if you think it is a common cold or just allergies we need to care for others and they need to do the same for us. 

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8. Avoid Leaving Campus

Try to stay on campus as much as possible. Eat meals from the cafe or food court. Only leave campus when you have a list of supplies to pick up and limit how many people you go with and how long you are gone for. I know my roommate and I only plan to leave every 2 weeks for a grocery run and try to be out for only an hour if possible. When we go out we pick up things for our friends if we happen to see something they need or can’t go out themselves. 


9. Avoid Parties or Big Events

Try to limit who you are around. Always at these events people tend to not wear masks and stand to close together for long periods of time. Don’t risk it save the parties for when it is safe again otherwise we will all get sent home and not see each other. 


10. Social Distancing

Stay 6 feet away from people when possible and if you are singing or playing an instrument try to stay closer to 9 feet away. This is to keep you safe. By following social distancing guidelines you won’t be in close contact with  as many people or anyone at all which will protect you from getting sick or catching Covid.


I know that sometimes we don’t want to follow the rules or just go out and have fun but we need to do what we can so we can stay at school and stay healthy. Let’s do what we can know so we don’t have to start all over again in this process.

Hi, I am an Early Childhood Education Major with an endorsement in Special Education and a minor in Music. I play several instruments and sing. I was born in Florida. I also coach a softball team in my Hometown in Illinois. I am my chapter Campus Correspondent!
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