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Things I’m grateful for and things I look forward to during this winter break

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To start off, this semester threw me for a loop. With that being said, it made me realize that I have a lot to be grateful for. It also made me think about what I want to do over winter break with some of the people that I am grateful for. I am grateful for all of my friends that helped me through this hard semester and made it worth not giving up. I am also thankful for my family even if I’m not able to see them all the time, but knowing that they were willing to help in any way they could was nice. I am thankful for all the people that I didn’t know that well that were willing to help me. I’m honestly grateful for all of the people in my life and all of the things that I have the privilege of having. The things I’m looking forward to this break are being able to go home and see my family and celebrate the holidays with them. I am also looking forward to helping people around my community if given the opportunity to help them. Call me weird but I am kind of looking forward to the cold weather. I am also excited about not having school or homework for a few weeks.

Julieanna is Co-events coordinator at HC@SAU. She oversees event planning. Beyond HC, Julieanna is involved in marching band and lacrosse at SAU. She also works on campus in the curriculum library for the education students. Julieanna is majoring in forensic psychology. In her free time, Julieanna enjoys playing games, drawing, coloring, and hanging out with friends. Fun fact Julieanna has a cat on campus as an esa animal.